Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seeking the True Meaning of Love


Love is beautiful as lovers said,
The price which cannot by mammon be paid,
How do I describe it in the best way,
As a sun dawns into a new bright day.
Should I praise it greatness with the best singing?
Or the best poem reciting?
Well, the answer is to seek,
With the true heart of meek,

Seek it with all your heart
And at last you will find.

This poem was written when I was in form 5, 17 years old while in a maths tuition class in a tuition centre. I used to write poems when I am free, even chinese poems.

Here is another poem I wrote regarding someone I knew in the past, where I learn Bible knowledge frm Miss Moey Yoke Lai. Currently she is the CEO of Methodist College.

David, The pastor's Son

David is the true son of Jesse,
But the place that he lives is not grassy,
He is not a shepherd of course,
But his father seeks souls of lost,
Holy is his living,
In his mind church songs he's always singing.

Perhaps seldom grumble,
Always think and use his words wisely,
each word of the bible is pronounced precisely, with clarity.

Life's never flesh-fullfilling.
His examples we must learn,
as toward God's word we must earnestly yearn.

He lives on the fifth floor of Menara wesley,
His neighbour Hannah lives on the sixth floor.
Playing chess is his favourite,
I think maybe his mother's name is Magaret?

Oh, Sorry!Just joking,
Sometimes we are hoping,
That more people will have a character like him,
Not those hyprocrite who seem,
Act holy by putting on a lamb's costume.
Come on, let's sing a tune,
Of Psalms along with the harp,
Playing with our fingernails so sharp.

Add on the tambourine too,
Let the sheep never say MOO!(Only cows say moo)

When some team lose in sport,

So, dear readers, what do you think of my poem written 7 years ago?Got standard or not ?Haha...

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