Monday, May 31, 2010

Weird Questions while dating

The weirdest question a guy ever asked you on a date
1. "Can you lick your nose with your tongue?"
2."Name the brand of handbags you've recently worn."
3.There was once I dated this guy for one week, and he asked "When should we get married?"
4."A guy asked me if I would do his laundry if I married him."
These made me laugh.How bout you?
(Contents taken frm CLEO magazine 2010)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

White beauty Choker

In my previous post, I posted about the charming Black Beauty(pic above) .Now I present to you White Beauty, the white version of it, modelled by my lovely aunt.

It doest'n matter whether you are in your teenage years or, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s.You can still look good with white beauty and black beauty:)

RM68(Free big gift box and free Pos express)

Butterfly bookmark!

Exclusive butterfly bookmark for butterfly lovers:)

Close up look of the gorgeous bookmark (winks)

I know somebody's is a fan of butterfly! She had asked me to create some butterfly designs and I finally did;) Motif can be made into a pendant or even earrings, customisation welcome.

Butterfly bookmark Yours for only RM23 (Free box included)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sakura flowers

Saw Cheesie's blog.So nice the sakura flowers in Japan.Must save money and go there.Must go there before I die.There are places that I must visit in my lifetime:Japan, Korea, USA, Australia and going to UK again to visit my dear aunt.The last time I visit UK is when I am 3 years old, too small to remember many things.

Today is rest day for me.I just love holidays, its the time I can go out with my dear husband for a date.He is so busy during weekdays, we just come back home and sleep only.On weekends, I am busy working and going to church too. so carpe diem!

May God bless this day, that it will be a wonderful day, a memorable day.That whatever we do, we honor God's name and may his name be glorified.Amen!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

winner of the IQ test

So there is a winner for my IQ contest.Pls kindly mail me your name and address so I can send the gift to you. There were only 2 contestants, but they guessed pretty well.Congratulations!

You know what happens after I do my quiet time every morning?I feel like I was not so busy afterall.Although my job is getting more busier, amazingly, I have more time for myself.You really got to try it.Taste and see that the Lord is good.I challenge you, try to read your bible in the morning then you will have more time for yourself compared to reading at nite or not reading at all.Seriously, I am not joking.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IQ Questions (contest)

1.What box is stupid?(an item very essential in every house)

2.There is a place where everything, anything can happen, you can die there, you can get married there, you can have your exam there, whatever, the possibility is endless.Where is this place?

Can you guess?Don't bother to google the answer becoz the questions are created by me, copyrights reserved.

Kindly leave your comment below.The first person who can guess correctly will win a mystery gift from me?Hehe, no harm trying.Good luck readers.

Monday, May 24, 2010

love your Enemy

Today, I read a story from the book entitled "Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul".It was entitled Love your enemy.This is a true story about forgiveness. A former concentration camp survivor wrote about how she learn to forgive her enemy, the cruel guard who caused her sister's death in the camp during the nazis time.With our own strength, we cannot do it, but with God's strength, everything is possible.I cried when I read the story.
Just now, I went to a japanese restaurant with 3 of my church female members, they are from my cg.Hope they enjoyed themselves and the nice food But I am sure they did.We had a debate about having non christian boyfriend and husband.
Yesterday Pastor Eddie Tan preached a very good message about prayer.Prayer is like a charger for your hp.Without your charger, the hp cannot function.Same with prayer.We need to charge ourselves with prayer before going out to work or to school so we have energy to face the day and its duties or any trials that comes before us.This morning, I applied what pastor Eddie said, and had my quiet time in the morning.I prayed for my family, shaun's family, my cousins, some church members etc.I also prayed for the pastors in my church and other churches as well.
Dear Pastor Eddie, if you are reading this blog, I wanna tell u I admire your charisma since I am young, when you preach in my church many years ago.Love it when you give us free books each time you preach in my church.My mum won 2 books frm you and I won once too. hehe...
Dear Mummy, if you are reading this blog, I really appreciate all the prayers you did especially for me.Without your prayer and support, I will not be what I am today.My faith in christ has grown because of your good example in your prayer life, your simple faith that God answers our prayers, Even simple prayers like praying for a parking and God grants it everytime.Everytime when I go to work, I pray for a parking, and God answers it everytime.Do you know how hard it is to find parking in my working area?Ppl have to come half hour earlier to find parking.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The consequences of not paying your Tithe.True story

This is a true story, quite recent too.There was a church member(no names mentioned here) who forgot to pay tithe for 2 months becoz going going for a trip for a week or so, then, in the end something happened to (him/her) and have to fork out RM500 to do repair.(He/she) realised that it was the consequences of not paying tithe.The person really sakit hati cuz the thing that needed repair is rather new and precious to (him/her).I have called the church member to ask (his/her) permission to share this story in my blog. What is God's must be given back to God or he will take back what is due him.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just to keep this blog alive

I twitted just now, Delight yourself in the lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.Yes, it's very true.If you honor God first, he will make your plans smooth.For example, on tues, I was supposed to do replacement class for a student until 7.45pm and I have to take a bus back coz my brother was using the car.My cg(Care group) meeting starts at 8.30pm.My mum say how can you work so late?got cg.In fact it was the student's fault coz he missed class last thurs and his mum request to replace on tues nite. Suprisingly, on tues afternoon, the school clerk called me and say his mum went outstation and could not fetch her son for class on tues. Hence, I get to leave early and be in time for cg.
I was given a new student, high grade, in which the fees is RM190 to teach on Fri 7 to 8pm last week.I told the clerk I dun want to teach because I have no time. In fact, I was reserving my time for cg that is occasionally held on Fridays.My boss say, got student for you to teach also dun want to teach. Then, yesterday, my boss say that student will change time earlier to 4 to 5pm.
There was a long time teacher in the school who is going to resign next month, and yesterday she told me she decided to pass some of her high grade students to me.Wow, I am like I have so many new students next month until my time is really full.So, what is the moral of this story? Put God first and God will bless you, always remember to pay your tithe even you think you dun have enough money for the month.You will witness miracles.So far, I have never have not enough for the month although in the beginning of the month I calculated my expenses and I can't seem to cover it. Out of the blue, sometimes I get angpau frm relative or whatever.
My expenses is quite high becoz I have to pay car installment, insurance policy, petrol fee, hp bill, food expenses, give parents money, give tithe and to buy some personal stuff.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a random post

Yesterday was Thomas Cup Finals.I watched a bit then went to sleep.No doubt Lin Dan was good,Though he appeared to sort of cocky.After winning, he would take off his shirt.And he does have a nice body, I have to admit that.
For the past week, ppl have been really crazy about Thomas Cup. Even facebook status is about Thomas Cup trivia.
Yesterday, I attended a wedding dinner.It was a beautiful wedding, completed with wishing tree(guest putting their wishes for the newlyweds ), the bridegroom sang a song as the bride makes her entrance alone. How I wished I had a wedding reception at a 5 star hotel too,though this will cost some money of course.Anyway, a wedding is just for a day, but a marriage is for a lifetime.May God bless the newly wed couple, Benjamin and Gladys and may they be a testimony to their family members and friends in their Godly ways.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fur Lydia

My loyal customer Lydia custom make a bracelet from me again.This is the 5th time she is buying from me.Hence I name this creation Fur Lydia.Like the famous Beethoven who composed the familiar piece Fur Elise for his favourite student Elise, I am naming this sweet and charming bracelet after her. Dear readers , I proudly present to you Fur Lydia, limited edition and no exact remakes for it.This bracelet is worth RM55 with free gift box and Free Pos express.Kindly email me if you would like to custom make anything, even those designs that only you can have in the whole wide world and I will be glad to assist you:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day contest extended! Wow

Dear readers, the mother's day contest has been extended until 16 May due to some reader's request. Earlier I said that I will only give away the Gorgeous Snow white bracelet if I have 4o entries rite?Now I am reducing it to 20 entries, if I can get 20 entries, I will give away the coveted bracelet to the reader who has the most creative slogan provided they have guessed the question correctly.I still have less than 10 entries now, so, kindly pass this to your frens so somebody will win it k, don't be selfish......hehe Thanks for reading

I was watching several Project Alpha videos just now.Very interesting....all bloggers must watch! got lotsa blogging tips to improve your traffic mah...Cheesie said even u dun look good, u always have photoshop to help you.You can even make your boobs look bigger with photoshop.This dun ask me lah, I dunno how, I also wish I know how.haha...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cross Necklace

Elegant Cross Necklace with Diamante Pendant holder

(White Gold plated necklace included)

Bermuda blue Princess Charming

Princess Charming in new color:Bermuda blue

Model on hand, really matching color! and sophiscated

Don't ya love the back too! Absolutely sweeeet!

Yours for only RM45 (Free gift box)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My criterias for a life partner

When I was around 18, I wrote a set of criterias for my life partner in a piece of paper.I think I prayed about it too.

1.Must not be a relative
2.Must be a christian
3.Can be my model
4.Respect me (in the sense do not take physical advantage of me)
5.must be taller than me
6.Must at least have a degree
7.Speak good English
8.Have good parents

My life partner now fulfils 8 out of 9 of this criterias.But I am not going to tell which one hehe, its for you to guess in your hearts...But I want to thank God for blessing me with a good and responsible husband. He is such a hardworking staff in his company, his superiors loves him and his colleagues too.He is also a filial son, very respective of older folks and my family all like him, and the church members too.Of course nobody is perfect, but I love him the way he is. God prepares everybody a someone who can be your partner.So, if you are reading this post and are still single, pray to God to show you the partner he has prepared for you.
Yesterday, in our CG(Cell group) we were discussing about marriage and divorce.Pastor says, if anyone divorces his wife and marries another woman, he commits adultery.The woman, who has been divorced, if anyone marries her will commit adultery too. Kwai Chee, the pastor's wife shared, in her previous marriage counselling, the elder said " Incompatibility is not a reason for divorce" in the first marriage counselling session.I am glad my marriage counselling last only of few sessions, but my pastor's counselling lasted for 6 months, wow, it must be really detailed. If God let you stay single or married, he will give you sufficient grace to go through life.Since God has been so gracious to us, we must show grace to our spouse too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Specially for For music lovers

Treble green hp hanger/bag hanger/pendrivehanger

Price:RM10 (Free pos Express)

Without the treble clef motif

simple yet nice design.You know what, my little 11-year cousin sold this to his classmate for RM26! This blingy thing can really brighten up your hp/pendrive, bag.

RM8 Free Pos express! Promotion, buy 5 free 1
(Your girlfriends will love it, this is so affordable and chic!Trust me, you won't regret buying it!)

You know what, I gave this as a gift to a virtuoso violinist of Malaysia, Joanne Yeoh on my birthday, 17 April when I happened to meet her at my junior's recital and I asked for her autograph as well.Joanne yeoh is currently the lecturer of UPM.She has a doctorate in Psycology.Very pretty (without makeup) and smart!She is one of the best violinist in Malaysia.Joanne is the solo violinist for Jacky Cheung and Alam Tam's concert(How geng is that).When I gave her the treble clef motif thingy(it was pink color), she said, is this a bribe?I answered no. I found out that Joanne and Dennis Lau are actually cousins.Dennis Lau's album is very nice. I got it as a wedding gift from my friend.It was mixture of jazz and R&B.Really relaxing and you can feel yourself dancing to it.FYI, the album, named" Diversify" is promoted by Kenny Sia, Malaysia's superblogger in his blog at

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Princess Han Xiang (Xin Jiang princess frm My fair princess 2 )

Princess Han Xiang, charming piece

Comes with matching earrings(dun worry will change new ear hook for you)

Back of the choker.You can adjust the length to your neck size

Warning:this piece is limited edition, only 1 piece, and not restockable.You can't get such design anywhere else in the whole world!
Price:RM80, free Pos express and Free gift box.
SOLD OUT!Non restockable

Isu Pembuangan Bayi! Sungguh marah

Yesterday I read in star paper that there were many babies abandoned in the rubbish dump at the roadside etc.Such terrible news.How could the mother or parents do that?It is so wicked!They are worse than killers because they are killing their own flesh and blood.If you feel malu that ppl know u are a single mother, at least put the baby at the police station or put near the orphanage centre so at least ppl will adopt it.The poor babies are left to die if no one manage to find them.Some are bitten by dogs and ants and some have no hands menyayat hati you know.If I were ever a single mother, I would not do it, if my boyfriend dumps me, I will still raise up the baby no matter how hard life it. If you are worried about getting pregnant, don't have sex in the first place! You make the choice and you have to bear the consequences.If you are raped, at least send the baby to shelther home because it is a life, much much much better choice than to let it die on its own. To all single mothers reading this blog, stay strong and I salute you mothers for bringing your baby up.Remember to seek God's help because he is the source of your strength.

Mother's Day

Wow, I juz sold out 5 clothes just now!I gave the customer free postage.Remember earlier I Helped my friend to sell clothes.She gave me 7 clothes to sell because she wanted to move house.I can't believe I sold all of them.Thankyou God for his grace to help me.... Oh ya, just now went to some jewellery shop and saw some nice ruby rings with diamonds.Wanted to get one for my mum but when I called her, she say no need to spend so much.She just need a handsfree coz hers had spoiled.My mum love rubies because she says it's her birthstone.My birthstone is diamond. Wanted to get a nice card from Memory lane as well, saw a very nice card and almost bought it, then dunno why I left the store and went back home.I am still praying to God to think of what is the best present to give to my mum.Any suggestion readers?

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ip Man 2 damn nice. very very nice.Even nicer than part 1. Enough said.Go buy your tickets now!Going to watch Iron Man 2 next:) My brother learns wing chun.He is going to watch a 2nd time next week.Maybe I might do a video of him doing wing chun.He has learn for 2 years and has come to a level of almost a killer(Equivalent or better than karate black belt).You wanna see the video?Leave your comment below then I will record it! thanks.Mother's day coming soon.I edi give my mum the present.Many ppl saw it and gave compliments.Will reveal it after mother days.The contest still available.Just try your luck, no harm trying rite:)Rushing for dinner now.Ciaoz and will blog later...