Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IQ Questions (contest)

1.What box is stupid?(an item very essential in every house)

2.There is a place where everything, anything can happen, you can die there, you can get married there, you can have your exam there, whatever, the possibility is endless.Where is this place?

Can you guess?Don't bother to google the answer becoz the questions are created by me, copyrights reserved.

Kindly leave your comment below.The first person who can guess correctly will win a mystery gift from me?Hehe, no harm trying.Good luck readers.


MeL said...

Melisa here.

Just trying my luck.

1st answer: Idiot box which is the television

2nd answer... wild guess.. Church?

*~SY~* said...

1. The television
2. Our dreams :)

crystalsparadize said...

Dear SY,you have guessed correctly.Kindly mail me your details so I can send you your mystery gift.mail me at crystalsparadize@gmail.com Thanks:)