Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ip Man 2 damn nice. very very nice.Even nicer than part 1. Enough said.Go buy your tickets now!Going to watch Iron Man 2 next:) My brother learns wing chun.He is going to watch a 2nd time next week.Maybe I might do a video of him doing wing chun.He has learn for 2 years and has come to a level of almost a killer(Equivalent or better than karate black belt).You wanna see the video?Leave your comment below then I will record it! thanks.Mother's day coming soon.I edi give my mum the present.Many ppl saw it and gave compliments.Will reveal it after mother days.The contest still available.Just try your luck, no harm trying rite:)Rushing for dinner now.Ciaoz and will blog later...

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