Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We have been Reviewed

Many thanks to Pretty and Under 40 For reviewing us again for the Keys and crowns Charm Bracelet


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starfish Charm Necklace

Starfish Charm Necklace
Price:RM20(Comes with free gift box and white gold plated chain)
Status:SOLD(2 pieces left)
You can simply wear this with a simple T-shirt to jazz it up.In short, this necklace goes well with almost all clothes.

Glamorous Diva

Glamorous Diva
Status:(SOLD OUT, Only 1 design available non restockable)
And when you get that chance,
you are the dancing queen,
young and sweet,
only seventeen,
Dancing Queen,
feel the beat from the tambourine oh yeah!
(Quote from Dancing Queen by ABBA)

Truly Yours, my love

Truly Yours My love
Price:RM25(with free gift box)
Status:SOLD But restockable upon request, available in white and purple vitrail too.
you can match this elegant necklace with a low cut tube top,dinner dress etc.It dresses you up!This is perfect for a valentine gift as there are 7 hearts there, Won't you want to be loved 7 days a week?:)If you are single, that does'tn mean this necklace is not for you.It also means you love and respect yourself 7 days a week!Because you deserve it!

Monday, December 29, 2008


made of 8mm swarovski round crystals,
Fit to turn a simple Jane to a glamorous babe with just this accessory.
Status:SOLD OUT Not restockable
P/S:I have many more pics to upload later, stay tuned 2day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

starfish charm Bracelet

Price:RM45 with free gift box
Status:Sold out! Not restockable
This bracelet is very shiny and will surely blink metres away across the room or ballroom.People will definitely glance at your wrist to see whats blinking and when they came nearer, they will gasp:Oh, my, such a lovely starfish!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Colors for Angel of Love

Bermuda blue

Send an angel to your loved ones or keep one by your side.
Price:RM20 each with free gift box!
AL004(Bermuda blue)
(Other colors of angel also available upon request)

Featured ! Starfish charm

Many thanks to Shopping Critique for featuring our Cute starfish charm earrings! dated 18 Dec

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have been Reviewed and XMAS promotion

Our "Trinity of Love" was being featured in

MANY THANKS TO Shopaholicden's for featuring us!

One more thing,
Dear customers,in conjuction with Christmas,We will give FREE Pos express for purchases of RM50 and above, FREE Pos Laju for purchases of RM100 and above and 10% discount for the any 2 items you purchased at our blog.This promotion will end officially at 31 December.Payment made after 31 December will not be able to enjoy this offer.So be quick!:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Starfish Charm

Swarovski starfish earrings that blinks and guarantee to attract attention from everyone across the room.Unbelievable price!If you can get this price elsewhere, I pay you back double.
Going for RM20 only.(limited quantity for this price)
Size of starfish:16mm
Status:SOLD (1 pair left)

Keys and Crowns Charm Bracelet

Status:(SOLD) 1 more piece left

Do you wish you have the key to unlock someone's heart,

Have you ever fantasize to wear the crown once?

Deep in your heart, you know you do,

Charm someone with this bracelet now.

Being Featured again!!!!Yay No.210

Many thanks to Pretty and Under 40 & STYLE2.INFO & Little Accompaniments for featuring our angel of love.Click on the link to see their description.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We have been Reviewed

Many thanks to Pretty and Under 40 for reviewing us about the Miss Elegant cube earrings!check out what they say about our item.Its dated on Dec 6th 2008:)

Angel of Love

Price: RM20(Comes with a free gift box)

Code: AL001WH(White)
AL002PR(Purple vitrail)

Status:SOLD but remake is possible.
Description:Angel handphone hanger.Can be made into pendant too.

Angel, angel,

Protect my darlings,

Those I care,

Those I cherished,

Be always their guardian,

Give them peace,

Keep them safe and sound.

Send an angel of love today, they will know that they're always in your heart<3

Keep an angel by your side,you deserve to be good to yourself:)

Sweet sixteen

Price: RM40(With free gift box)

Code: SS001

Status: Sold

Very sweet colours and makes your friends ask"Where did you get that bracelet from?Its so nice!"

Taste of India

Price: RM20
Code: TI001
Status:SOLD OUT!
*1 piece only and non restockable
You don't need to only wear this with a saree or punjabi suit; cheongsam, evening gown,plain LBD goes well with it too:)Did I mention a plain white blouse and go with it too?


Price: RM25(Comes with white gold plated chain and gift box)

Code: ET001

Status: SOLD(Restockable upon request)

Can you grasp the meaning 0f eternity?Either gifts for this coming christmas or valentine, boyfriends could show their love is eternal by this dazzling necklace.But wait, even you are single or wanna buy it for your frens, don't doubt, this gorgeous piece speaks of self love and friendship love akin.

Snowflake Bracelet

Price: RM45(Comes with free box)

Code: S001

Status: SOLD (But restockable upon request)

Note:this design is available in other colours too upon request.

A bracelet that has intricate details like snowflakes;

shades of blue and white,

Charming as can be,

Let the magic of christmas reign in you and me.

Trinity of love

Price: RM13 each(comes with free gift box and white gold plated chain)
Code:TL001 (White)
TL002 (Turquoise)
TL003 (Pink)
Status: Available
It's a really good deal for those who has limited budget but yet still want to give nice gifts to loved ones :)Free postage?Yup,Don't miss it.Did I say that u can wear 2 pendants together and it looks great too?
*You can also opt to purchase the pendants separately at only RM7 each.


Price: RM10

Code: P001

Status: Available

For size, email me the length of your finger in cm.The best thing is:no matter what size you are, the price still remains the same! :)

Match it with a dress,

Match it with a pair of jeans,

Its so versatile,

You look great in style with what you wear,

The ring is a promise of love, of friendship and care.

Virginia's Colours

Price: RM17
Code: VC001 (pink)
VC002 (green)
Status: Available
The steels are white gold plated and won't rust.Whats more, its made of austrian crystals as usual.It is the perfect earrings to go for any special events and the beauty of it will make people swoon.

Pink Jasmine

Price: RM20
Code: PJ001
Status: SOLD OUT!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We have been Reviewed

Thanks to The Luxurious Fashionistas and A Shopaholic's Den for featuring us.
Check out what they say about our Princess Charming Bracelet...