Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Lane

I love to go to Memory lane to buy cards.Their cards have really nice designs and are not too expensive, as compared to Hallmark.I even join as a member for RM10 a year.This month, they have 20% discount for cards, which was very worth it.I chose two very nice cards for my good friends Kit Ying and Veng Wai. Kit ying loves to buy branded stuff, and likes LV(Louis Vuitton) too, like me.Veng wai is a very pretty girl with many admirers.She got her degree in pharmacy in Australia and is very smart, sweet and caring.
Kit Ying is also a very caring girl.I will never forget the moment when she feed me porridge when I was sick with dengue in hospital 6 years ago.That is why I keep in touch with her and never fail to give her present or a card on her B'day.
I am a type of person that treasures birthdays very much.Maybe it is due to my upbringing that since I am one year, my family will celebrate my b'day for me every year until I am 21 years old.
Hence, for those customers who are buying my products as birthday gifts to their friends or loved ones,I am going to give a complimentary free little gift card inside the parcel.You can add your personal msg in it, provided,that the products that you buy are at least RM25 and above.
Will upload the pic of cards later that I chose for my 2 dear friends.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On twitter

Finally I am on twitter after contemplating for some time.
For those readers that want to know my updates, kindly follow me, so u will know whether I have updates everytime u log into your blog....I am still experimenting with the feedburner thingy, not very expert yet, so forgive me.Everybody has to learn, to improve themselves.I will be back later!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Good news!!!!For those customers who spents RM50 and above, they will get free pos express!
Now, customers will be able to collect points for every purchase they make.Every RM1 spent=1 point. Once you get 100 points, you will receive a mystery gift.This reward system will start today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazzzzzzy bout Yukatas!!!!!

What is this? A geisha....

So, I was browsing through and saw Ringo's lovely cheongsam. She mentioned she bought it in My dream cottage. I went and check it out, then OMG, I saw such beauttiful yukatas for sale at a reasonable price.I was so very tempted to buy.Then I saw the furisode, cost RM1200, RM1500.Wow, so nice!!!!!I could only buy that in my dreams.Maybe if I save for months, I can afford it, but the thing is, I have no chance to wear it except maybe during Bon Ondori. And Bon ondori is only once a year.I dun join any japanese club, can't speak japanese....(sigh) The yukata costs RM300, including postage.I even emailed the seller to enquire bout it.It is preorder, have to wait till first week of march to get it, but have to pay up by this week. I told my mum and husband,they say when can u wear it?How do u even know it fits you?Maybe I should secretly buy it. Maybe I will definitely regret my actions for doing so....BTW , I am still contemplating....


How could I probably resists it's beauty???

This is the Yukata set that caught my eye, only RM300, includes the yukata, geta(wooden shoe), kinchaku(pouch) and obi. I really really wish I could buy it and wear it. But......
Have to think carefully firstlah.Maybe if my blog got more sales, more ppl click on my ads, then I will buy.If no chance to wear, then just keep it for collection lor.....To satisfy my hunger for yukatas.... Yukata, if you have no idea, is a summer kimono, suitable to wear during the summer because it is made of cotton and more cooling than the usual kimono (for winter).

SO, readers, if you support me to buy the yukata, at least click on my ads, so I can get my 1st paycheque from nuffnang (most of my frens did).So far, I have only earned RM42.70 for the past 2 years.... still left RM7.30 to go....

I wanna thank all those who clicked on my ads for the past 2 years and please continue clicking again ya. if you like my products, go ahead and buy them, so I can earn morelah....Wow, this blogger so desperate, have to rayu her readers to buy frm her....haha....ROFL...

ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!!! Thanks for your patience in reading this ranting...

Going to sleeep now and will be dreaming of lovely kimonos.....maybe geishas too, like the one from "memoirs of geisha".I love Zhang zi yi.She's is beautiful, she's got style, she's hot!And her acting is good!!!!

Pic of zhang zi yi as geisha Sayuri.

more colors for pretty crowns

Pink crown.Perfect for the princess look

Wear if you are acting as the princess in your ballet costume.Perfect!

Dress up your head to turn heads

not too big, yet not too small to be unnoticed

SEE, how bling bling and shiny it is OMG!

Amethyst crown for those purple lovers

Selling for: RM9 each
Suitable for young kids until midthirties, NOT for the senior citizen folks however...LoL....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AND THE WINNER IS.....................Drums roll......

Here are the results for my valentine special contest.There is a total of 12 entries only.Although there is not much partipation, I would like to thank all contestants for their time and effort.Hope you guys can continue to support my future contests.:) The first 4 pictures are the 4 consolation prizes that will receive a heart-shaped pendant worth RM7 each.

who is the winner?

Guess who?



Eevon will get prizes worth RM63 from Crystalsparadize!Congrats!!!!!!

The other entries, fret not, all will get a free mystery gift delivered to their doorstep.
For all contestants, please send me your hse address so I can deliver your prizes ASAP.Congratulations to the winners and a big THANKYOU to all participants:)

Purple cross necklace

Purple cross painstakingly made.Took me at least 1.5 hours to complete.
PRICE: RM30, With free gift box and white gold plated chain.

SOLD but remake is possible.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture for new design of Angel Of Love

Look how adorable it is!No wonder it's my bestseller
Buy 5 free one offer!
Available in white, purple vitrail, light purple, Bermuda Blue and pink

PRICE:RM20 free gift box

Glow in the Dark nail stickers

Wanna dress up your nails for a pretty look?

Just stick them on your nails and add a top coat for lasting look

The best part is that they glow in the dark!

The designs are sweet looking and demure
I took some for my personal use as well
If you are going for a wedding, wearing a white dress,
OH YES,...

Or being a bridesmaid.Just stick it on to enhance your plain color nail polish.
Because it's white, you can match it many colors.

PRICE:RM4 for 1 piece
RM10 for 3 pieces(STEAL!)

To be honest, I saw this exact brand selling for RM5, Dun wanna say where.It's at some shop where they sell cosmetics, something like shins. Hence, my price is actually cheaper than normal retail price.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vote for your fave items

Dear Readers, kindly answer 2 short questions at my poll(the orange color thingy at the right hand side) so that I will know which items to restock to avoid being out of stock.For those who are planning to purchase, pls take your time to vote, and those who had bought from me who like to buy some more, pls vote your star items that u plan to buy.For those of you which have already bought the fave items frm my blog, please do not vote(unless you would want to repurchase).Thankyou arigatou, terima kasih, xie xie, Kamsahamnida, Merci!

New angel of love design!

I have discovered another design for the angel of love.Previously I told some customers that some parts of the angel has been discontinued by Swarovski company and hence I told them it was out of stock.Now I have good news.Angel of love in new design is available! Some more, I will have the offer of buy 5 free one promotion! Each angel of love only costs RM20, with free gift box included.Will post up the pics of the the darling angel soon! My mum also requested me to make one to hang on her car window, like a guardian angel to her.For your information, my angel of love has sold more than 50 pieces, I also lost count myself of the exact number that I sold.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going back to hometown and about being pregnant

So, since I am married, I will have to follow my husband back to his hometown in Gemas.I will be going on Fri nite and staying till Tues.We will come back to KL on Tues becoz my cousin is having open house. Oh, this year have to start giving angpow edi. But luckily I do not need to fork out money for that, my husband will provide me with moolah.

Oh ya, some people have been asking me whether I am pregnant.The answer is "not yet".I am a christian and I do not support the idea in having premarital sex. You can call me conservative. I know staying together and getting married when the girl is already pregnant is very common nowadays. But I support chastity. I remember when I was form 6, there was a workshop called "No Apologies".This workshop is designed to encourage young people to wait for their true love.There is even a card to be signed, sort like an agreement. Of course I signed it, with my school counseller as a witness. To be honest, I am glad I hold on to my principle. Abstinence. It works everytime! For those readers who are still virgin here, I encourage all of you to be strong and wait, because its worth waiting, believe me! Hey, not to say I despise or wanna judge others who did not wait.I am no God and I don't have the right to judge others.For it is said, "Judge not, for you will be judged."

Anyway, I would love to have kids.I believe God will give me kids when I am ready. When I see cute babies in shopping mall or in the garden, it makes me smile, from the inside.

I slept early in the morning today, almost 5am, trying to figure out some designs. will post some new products soon, stay tuned:)Hence, the tagline for today's morning post is TLW, which stands for "TRUE LOVE WAITS"
ABSTINENCE.It works everytime!

BTW, if I am ever getting pregnant, I wanna look like this-a hot mama:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty Hair Accesories for sale

Rose Crown Princess

Aquamarine Crown Princess

Price:RM9 Each

reviewed by VIP customer Lydia

This is what Lydia wrote in her blogshop:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crystals Paradize

Customized mobile strap & anklet to my liking..
**Karen chose the shades for me..see how she knows the kinda colours i like! :)

Naaaaah... This anklet and starfish mobile strap was
custom made by a seller..

I love you like bling blings?
Ok fine, I dont know how to do a review on the things I like and stuff,
but what i know is that i can tell you why I like the stuff I buy >"< href="">Crystals Paradize back in June 2009 if im not mistaken. What was the first thing I bought from her eh? Hmmm...oh ya,this.. Glamorous Diva with no remakes :)

Custom made ala-ala Glamorous Diva with different
shades ofSwarovski crystals :)

The 3rd order was the first pict ^^
Then the 4th order was the Fish + white plated chain
& starfish earrings!!

I was like in the midst of being at the poorest. I told myself I just had to splurge on this beautiful one and only creation.. I admit to the fullest that I wore it a several of times before deciding in the end not to wear it as I didnt want to ruin it lah..
My bf would always say, "yala, u buy but u keep and dont wear then waste money :PPP"
I would tell him in return that "aiya, buat collection ma,nanti rosak how how how?"
he's then give me this "yaaaa..whatever" look.. then that means i have won again in nagging and stuff.. hohoh..

Sorry to my followers and those who subscribe to PCTG. I just wanted to write this semi-review for Crystals Paradize as I strongly recommend you guys to buy from her.
Karen she is.. Mei Sann would be her other name..
Please...feel free to browse through her blog and of course custom made orders are definitely welcomed! Well, at least for me la..heheheh!
Dont forget, I cn be quite specific and choosy la..
All of us would want what we want rightttt...

Hi Mei Sann, I hope you like this banner I made for you.
Something just very simple :)


THANKS to Lydia who did this lovely review for me:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Testimonial from Customer

I was suprised when my customer Darren said he want to write me a testimonial for my products and service.He saw my blog from, which I first started selling my products online.Here is what he wrote:

"Well, this was the first time i am purchasing items from Mei Sann, aka Karen. I did not hesitate to include myself in this contest.

I knew Karen from LYN, i was intending to get some Swarovskis and i did. First impression, Karen is a nice person, and she will always be hands-on in every little single thing about the crystals. She recommended the angel necklace, earring etc to me and she tried her best to give me what i want. Besides, Karen is a woman of her words. She promised me that she will be posting my crystals on a particular day and she did it perfectly. Karen is such a caring and sweet girl. She even included a CNY card with some warm greetings written on it.
Thanks for the wishes, a prospectus CNY and sweet Valentine's day for you.

Comments for the crystals - , this smiley says it all.
No doubt, it is a thumb up for the Swarovskis. The crystals are like the stars in the dark sky, so shiny and they are attractive.
Personally, i adore the angel necklaces, bringing sweet messages.

It was a good deal and i will definitely get more crystals from Karen, of course when i can afford it (i am still a student).
All the best in this brand new year, Karen.
I believe that your business will be just like the crystal you sell, shinny than others and yet lasts forever.
Good luck and see ya. "

Pls:I did not bribe him to write me the testimonial

But Darren is such a sweet bf to his gf. A very romantic person indeed... He designed a couple T-shirt for themselves, wrote a very unique poem, ordered flowers from the florist for her secretly etc. Shaun, you better emulate Darren.I want flowers too at least...haha...

Promotion for my dear Customer

I have a VIP customer whose name is Lydia Tong.She also has her own blog of selling preloved clothes.Do check out her blog.There might be some treasure for some of you especially for those plus size gals. You can trust her because she does what she promises.When she promise to bank in to my acc, she does it.Some of customers confirm wanting some items, but after that they back out and I have to bear the costs of ordering stocks frm supplier, which is not good.So, dear readers, when you no longer want something anymore, kindly have the courtesy to inform me.Its not that I will bite you.Of course I don't bite. Don't do unto others if you do not want others to do unto you.

Anyway, here is Lydia's blog: check it out HERE!

New Packaging

Double Joy necklace

Double Joy Necklace: 14mm Heartshape and 10mm heartshape pendants
Mix any two colors of contrasting color and you get double joy!!!!
The colors here are bermuda blue and Purple Vitrail.
PRICE: RM23 FREE Gift Box and white gold plated chain


Saturday, February 6, 2010

A song I learnt in Bali

Our tour guide, Alit asked me teach him a mandarin song entitled "The Moon Represents My Heart" in mandarin which is " Yue liang dai biao wo De xing".He said this song is very popular.So we wrote down the romanised lyrics for him.He also requested for the song "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi", in English which translates " Mouse Loves Big Rice". Alit wanted to learn these two songs so that he could entertain his future chinese clients who come to Bali.

In return, I asked him to teach me a Balinese song. The title of this song is"MEONG MEONG"
Here it is:


Which translated in Bahasa Indonesia goes:

Hai Kucing, Tolong Tangkap itu Tikus
Tikusnya Besar-besar
Lagi Sangat Gemuk
Seringkali Bikin Ribut

Alit said this song is sang while the mothers cradle the baby or young children to sleep, which is a lullaby.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

About my LOVE STORY...

A reader asked me, why don't you continue your love story? I told her that it is rather personal.But I will continue it with one condition.In conjuction with Valentine's Day, I will finish up my story if the total of my contest entries is 5o and above.Seems like people stopped sending their entries.So, if you want to know more, dear silent readers, send it your entries quick!Remember, the dateline is 13 Feb midnite. How to join the contest? VERY EASY....SUPER EASY.....NO slogan, no need to buy anything, just SEND IN your most creative couple photo to my email at Remember, the 1st 10 entries will receive a mystery gift!!!!!!

Blue Paradize Earrings

Suitable for dinner wear because of its unique and elaborate design.Going out for that special date?Even for reunion dinner or going shopping?
Wear it and let your ears do the talking.


Made of Swarovski pearls and 4mm and 5mm bicones.
Take a Look closely at the intricate design...

I myself fell in love with this earrings too...teehee!

A song that reminds me of this earrings:

You're just too good to be true,
Can't my eyes off you,
You'll be like heaven to touch,
and I LOVE YOU so much!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Themed Bookmarks

Valentine's Day is coming soon.What's the ideal present to give to your gal who is a bookworm?

Or who is sitting for her PMR, SPM, STPM, Diploma studies/Degree studies and even Masters or PHD exam?

FRET NOT, JUST GIVE HER A BOOKMARK! Forget about chocolates, expensive candlelit dinners, and whatever you name it, urm maybe not, this bookmark might a be a side gift.

What's better to give for your dream gal who is studying rite now?If she gets a bookmark, it will motivate her to study becoz she wants to use it so badly!She can also show off to her frens what a stylish bookmark she has in her thick revision book.Talk about STYLE and SUBSTANCE.

GET IT NOW FOR RM17 with FREE GIFT BOX.Also available in other colors upon request.Send your enquiries to now!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Random post with one extra wedding pic

This is just a random post to entertain my readers.I have come out with some new designs .I was so crazy bout beading that I slept at 5am in the morning.The next day I woke up at 11.30am.
Anyway, will show you guys the designs soon.About the contest, keep sending in your entries, readers.My contest is so easy and don't even need to write slogan. Somemore, you don't even need to buy anything from my blog.It's more like freebies.You may think its too good to be true.Yes, it is true.

In my church, Grace Baptist Church at Jalan Loke Yew, I was elected to be Literature Department's Head.In other words, I am in charge of the church library.I haven't done anything yet coz I have never been a librarian during my school days before.But our pastor, Pastor Lim Hang Tang is a very kind and patient pastor.He offered to help me.Let me tell you, our pastor is very gifted in doing social work.he has worked for Malaysian care, cared for the Down syndrome kids etc. His wife is also very caring, especially to those who are in distress.She counsels those who are facing work problems, those who are having depression etc. She is also a Headhunter.Not cannibal mind you.She is like a home-based agency looking jobs for people.So, if anybody who is jobless here, feel free to email me, and I will give you her contact.Wanna do some promo for such a lovely pastor's wife here. Kwai Chee, if you are reading this, I wanna thankyou for all your encouragement these 2 years, your kind words that inspire me.Its just the little things you did that I really appreciate it, like your gift for my birthday etc. Hopefully, my blog here will create more business for you.....hehe

From left to Right: Kwai Chee, Ps Lim Hang Tang,Hubby, Me, Ps.Kwan Wai Kong and Esther Mok

Keep up the good work Pastors and Pastors' wifes!