Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bridal Necklace:Juliet

Top and bottom are the same item but the below one is the real color
The color changes when taken as pic on the black velvet surface.

Can you see the reflection of the dazzling crystals!Bet ya see it.


My love Story Bridal Set

RM149 Only for this Elegant set!
Necklace with matching earrings

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bridal designs

Any of you getting married or have relatives getting married? I will be making some bridal designs soon.Will show u the pics soon.Stay tuned!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tiffany Earrings

sweet yet makes a statement!

RM14(Free delivery)

Choose your colors:Available in white, bermuda blue, yellow, red and purple vitrail

Doreen Bracelet

RM35 Free Gift Box

Flowers Bridal Choker

Made of swarovski crystals and pearls
Very elegant and suitable even for wedding or special dinner

Giant angel of love with dazzling wings

Double the size of normal angel.
3.5cm in height and 3.5cm in width.

Superior Princess Charming Bracelet

RM55 (with 6 petals) and extra embellishment

Bermuda hearts Earrings

RM14 per pair

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Promotion Part Five: Mini Angel earrings

Cute lil' Mini angel Earrings
These mini angels will put a smile to your face!
Height: 2cm, width 1.3cm
Angel, angel, where art thou?
Come fly to my love,
And protect her always,
In your guiding hands.
YOURS FOR ONLY RM20 per pair
Buy two pairs for RM36 (You save RM8)
Buy 4 pairs free one! RM80 (You save RM20)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Promotion for July till end of August! Part Four

Black Beauty Choker

White Beauty Choker

Simply gorgeous!
Normal price :RM68
NOW RM55 (Free gift box and Free delivery)You save RM13!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Promotion for July till end of August! Part Three

10mm sized white, turquoise and pink pendants

10mm Size Purple Vitrail pendant - Simply elegant and gorgeous!

Closer look!Dazzling color

(For all colors)Pendant only :RM7

Buy 4 free one RM28( You save RM7) Free delivery!

(All colors)Pendant with white gold plated necklace and gift box RM13 each

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Buy 3 free one RM39 (You save RM13) FREE delivery!

Buy 5 free two RM65 (You save RM26) FREE delivery!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Promotion for July till end of August! Part Two

The return of the starfish charm necklace.One of our very best sellers, affordable and well loved(Also available as hp hanger upon request, same price)
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Flower Power Ring

Sweet yet elegant ring that matches most outfit for work, shopping or chilling out!

Will you Marriachi me?No need diamond ring, can save money.This ring edi very bling!

SOLD(Restockable upon request)

RM12 with any items purchased together in this blog.

Louis Vuitton Bears with Pics

Such Adorable bears

With Bling Blings too!Will definitely dazzle up your phone

Get it at RM7.90 Each or FREE with purchase of RM100 and above from this blog.

Louis Vuitton Bears

I have been a fan of Louis Vuitton since for awhile. When I saw these cute bears hp hanger with LV monogram and could not resist buying it. I have 5 louis vuitton bears to give out free.During the promotion period, customers who spends RM100 or above in my blog will get one free bear worth RM7.90.The bear is studded with diamante, so bling bling and will catch your eye anytime. Will upload the photos later.hang on ya.I also made a new ring, very affordable and nice. Stay tuned readers:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Promotion for July till end of August! Part One

The return of the bestselling Princess Charming bracelet
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Child Prodigy

I went to youtube and found a child prodigy violinist named Jocelyn.This talented young girl is only 9 years old now but she plays like an adult and her interpretation is so good. So, you go to google and search Jocelyn violin.You will definitely be impressed! And she also sings and dances chinese classical dance and ballet. You know what? She really inspires me and I love to dance to sing too besides beading. I once took salsa class for 4 months, and ballet for only a month but my mum stopped the class coz the teacher says I dance my own style and din follow instructions.My mum din know I like ballet.

Anyway, if I happen to give birth to a daughter, I would love my daughter to be something like this Jocelyn.I like the name Jocelyn very much.Once I wanted to name my future daughter Jocelyn but my mum thinks the name is absurd.
So I told my husband that I want my future children to learn piano and violin.I asked him, what if they don't practise their piano?Then I will use the rotan and "fiak" them, replies the man of the house.Haha..... My husband makes a good disciplinian.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Heavenly Man

Today dear readers I am going to do a book review.The book is entitled "The heavenly Man", based entirely of a true story of a chinese Christian man name Yun.

This book was awarded Book of the Year award. Yes, I personally think this book deserves this honor.It was indeed a very good book,it kept me reading for many hours.
The Heavenly Man is about a christian brother named Yun who suffers a great deal for God.In this book, he was tortured in prison, beaten, mocked many many times.The most amazing about this man is that he fasted for 74 days, without eating or drinking a drop of water, but he survived.We know that a normal human being can't leave without water in 7 days.He even fasted longer than Jesus Christ, who fasted 40 days in the desert and being tempted by satan.
I cried a few times reading this book.As disciples of christ, we have to make many great sacrifices, even our family.There was this part, where a sister was forced to choose between her son and mission by the government.Then she and her son's relationship was over.Her son would never accept Jesus becoz his mother had choose him over her son.How sad and hurtful. Read this book and you will understand how sad and touching some parts were.Those who cry in sad movies will definitely cry in this book too.
Oh yes, in this book there are many miracles.One example is how Yun's father was cured of cancer the next day after they prayed for him.His wife has hemophilia and was healed. Yun was praying for a bible for 3 months and in his dream he saw 2 brothers bringing a bible to him.when he woke up, it was true, there was indeed 2 man who sent him the bible.The owner of the bible had also receive a vision 3 months ago frm God to send the bible to Yun. I don't really know how to explain how great the miracles are in this book, u just have to read it to taste it yourself.Ok, gotta do some work now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Believe

Poster of My Sassy Girl (Korean Drama)

Yesterday after listening to Emi Fujita's album, I was inspired to arrange and adapt a korean song entitled "I believe" into a Christian song.This song is from a korean drama entitled "My Sassy Girl". I wrote and wrote until 2.30am in the morning, then I continued today.Total took about 8 hours(just estimate).I wrote the violin part plus piano accompaniment and add in my own lyrics. I plan to perform this song in church.My church anniversary is next sunday.Wanted to perform it with my lovely Cg members.Group singing plus violin and piano playing.But maybe there might not be enough time for practice. Maybe I might perform this song during christmas time.Hence I wrote 2 version for the lyrics (christmas version) and (Normal version).

Maybe I got inspired by my former coursemates.Some of them are doing a lot of composing and as I am a former music student, I must not waste what I learn in university.I still remember doing Finale( the music notation software) in 2nd year.I did not score an A for that, but at least I learn a lot of stuff frm Dr Nasir and my friend Rachel who helped me to finish my work while I was so desperate to pass up my assignment which will determine our grade.
So, the song "I Believe" was done.I would like to dedicate this song to Jesus, my Lord, my mum, my bro and those who helped to believe in myself, including Rachel.Believe in Jesus and expect great things to happen in your life.

Wanna know the lyrics? here they are:

Christmas Version:

I believe Jesus Christ is Messiah
He was born in a lowly manger
I Believe Jesus Christ is Saviour
Born to save us from eternal Death.

Hallelujah peace be in your hearts
Jesus' coming has brought us joy,
True joy in our hearts.

Verily we wish you a Merry Christmas;
Gladness fills our hearts,
We could not ask for more.
(2nd verse)
*Thankyou Kamsahamnida Arigatou,
Lovely Prince of Peace,
Come dwell in our hearts now.

We want to bless your name Lord Jesus,
Christmas is'tn Christmas untill Jesus
comes and reign in our hearts and live there forever I believe.
(Go to 2nd verse then repeat this section)

Normal Version:

I Believe Jesus Christ is Messiah
Awesome God, Mighty and Powerful
I Believe Jesus Christ is savior
Born to save us from eternal death

Hallelujah peace be in your hearts
Jesus' coming has brought us joy
True joy in our hearts
I Believe that Jesus is the true source of Joy
Gladness fills our hearts
We could not ask for more.
(2nd verse)
*Thankyou Kamsahamnida Arigatou,
Lovely Prince of Peace
Come dwell in our hearts now.

We want to bless your name Lord Jesus,
We are not born again until
Jesus reign in our hearts and live there forever
I Believe
(Go to 2nd verse then repeat this section)

The 2 versions are almost the same, only some slight changes were made.Anyway, have a nice day.Kamsahamnida Arigato Gozaimasu for reading this post.

love, Karen

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday celebration and looking for a old fren, anybody can help?

My brother is turning 21 very soon this month.I am still thinking what to give him as a gift.BTW, we are having a celebration at my church on saturday, nice food such as dominoes pizza, cheese lasagne made by my cook savvy uncle and many more... My bro will be getting lots of prezzies, for sure.I think one person will get the most presents in their life when they are 21 and when they get married.Not everyone though, but applies to many people.
Rite now, I am looking for a old malay fren name Shahiratul Azmin.I can't seem to contact her.I don't think she uses Facebook( I am not sure).This girl is my form 6 classmate, we were good frens and I reallly would like to contact her again.There was a Hari Raya card that was left unsent to her becoz I do not have her address few years back.Dear fren, if you happened to googled your name, and found my blog.Don't hestitate to mail me k.I wonder how are you doing. I will always cherish the moments we have in school and I respect your stand. Anybody reading this blog knows where she is? kindly give me her contact.Thanks;)