Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going to learn makeup soon frm TOUCH makeup artist

Very nice rite? Maybe someday I can do such makeup like her.

I got her contact frm my wedding makeup artist William Yap.He is very good and professional, but he says he has no time to teach.I am going to start my makeup class with her soon and will post my makeover photos in the blog later:)

BTW, I am also taking new skills such as learning guasa facial frm a fren's fren.I love to learn new things.

I learn piano, violin, gu zheng, vocal and a bit of dancing and now I am going to learn makeup.Wow, so excited!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Musical Products

I am also selling some nice musical stuff.These items are actually found in pavillion, mid valley and sungei wang but I am selling slightly lower than them.Feel free to look at it and let me know if you are interested in anything.Thanks:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

I gotta Chinese New Year Feel and Jacky Cheung concert and A CONTEST!WIN smurf goodies and SAKAE SUSHI voucher!

After watching the latest MV at astro, I feel the chinese new year mood edi.Love the songs they sing. I am a big fan of cheongsam.I edi had 2 pink cheongsam, which one I wore for my wedding tea ceremony at Gemas.I saw some more pink cheongsam, and I Wanna buy some more.Aiyo, I really beh tahan myself, why everything pink also like one?Pink longchamp bag, pink sony erricson hp, pink pencil box, even my blog also pink color one.Haha.
I missed the Jacky Cheung concert again.I heard it was really good! imagine all the show are SOLD OUT! I really really admire Jacky Cheung, he can sing for 3 hours nonstop without any guest artiste, now when he 50 years old, he still can do it! really salute him for his great stamina.
Then many ppl are getting married end of this year.I even had a wedding dinner to attend on christmas eve and I have to perform in the church choir on xmas morn.I have some friends and seniors who are getting married as well.
I saw in facebook, my senior had just given birth to a very very adorable baby boy,so cute when I see his pic, my heart melts. I really have this soft spot for babies, I love to see them, carry them.The feeling od carrying them is wonderful! There are 2 babies in my church as well.I love to carry Keenan, Alvin's baby which is very cute.Everytime I see him sure carry him one.Yesterday, I carried my teacher's baby, Also very cute!
I wish I can have twins straightaway, it would save my time, one shot gau tim 2, if 1 boy 1 girl lagi good.No, I am not pregnant yet, but this is my wish to have a dragon baby.Many ppl wanna have dragon babies, my husband is also dragon. So IF have a daughther born in the year of dragon, I will name her xiao Long nu(inspired by the return of the condor heroes).If
I have a son, I will name him Lee Xiao long (Bruce lee).Got any nice names to recommend for dragon babies? Ciaoz and see you guys soon!The first one who leave a comment at my post here will receive a SAKAE SUSHI food voucher worth RM10 Delivered to your door step!If you posted the comment, email me, and your voucher will be sent to you ASAP! And I also have 2 the smurfs key chain, really really cute one to give away.The 2 best comments will win the smurf keychain.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rosaline hairband

Simple, but very nice Rose Hairband

Specially designed by crystalsparadize

RM7.50 each

Buy 2 for RM14

Flower Pearl Corsage

6 colors for the Flower pearl corsage

Can also be used to tie hair

RM5 each
2 for RM9.

Another Hairbun pin

Another design for the hairbun pin.