Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vain pics of me 4 years ago!

My pretty Mum

Mum and I(love this pic very much)

I took these pics with my mum 4 years ago at a studio in Times Square.

I guess if I were to take pics now, it won't be as nice as last time.

We are growing old every year, and to immortalised our youth and beauty, it is important to take nice pictures of ourselves while we are still young, so we can have lovely memories.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Return of the Condor Heroes

The return of the Condor heroes 1983 by Andy Lau and Idy Chan

I am currently watching this series almost everyday, one or two episode per day.The storyline and acting was impressive! Yes, I know I am really outdated to watch it now.There are several remakes of this series as well.Actually, this VCD(not DVD) belong to my husband.He bought it when he was still studying in college, and he watched it twice.I saw many good reviews about the condor heroes so I decided to watch it.Of course 1983, The makeup and costume are kinda old fashion compared to now.But it was really funny and interesting! Really worth a watch.After this 1983 series, I am gonna watch "The return of the Condor Heroes 2006, Played by Liu Yi fei. I saw pics of Liu yi fei and OMG she looked so beautiful.My husband also bought this version, but it is left in his hometown Gemas.Shaun said that the new version was much better, using nicer costumes and better filming technology.

GLEE the movie 3D

My honest review for this movie is:Disapointing!

I thought there would be some storyline, but no, it was a glee concert, all singing on stage, And no subtitles.It was so disapointing compared to the glee series we watched on astro.I absolutely love glee tv series, but not the movie.

And this is the first time I am watching 3D.It was kinda expensive, RM5 surcharge for the 3D glasses.I will definitely not watch 3D anymore, my eyes feel uncomfortable watching with the 3D glasses.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Darling's Birthday

Shaun, My dearest

We are celebrating Shaun's b'day 2nite at home since he loves home cook food.I am going to bake him a cake.His real b'day is actually on 17 Aug(tmr) but he is going back to hometown.There was no electricity at my hse frm 5pm till daybreak.It was hot and boring.No tv, no online, cannot read books, cannot cook.I was supposed to cook, but end up we went out to eat and buy candles to light the house.

BTW, I am very proud of Dato Lee Chong Wei, who almost became a champion.Lin Dan was proud and usually takes off his shirt when he wins, unlike chong wei who is humble.Nevermind, Dato lee, try again another time and you will definitely win Lin Dan!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I just received some bad news today.I am not telling here what it is exactly but well, life goes on no matter what happens.My mum also receive another bad news, different from mine.Well, August 13 2011, is certainly a sad one for us.But whatever what happens, I will still trust God.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I am seriously buying a yukata!

So, if you guys have been following me for some time, you will know that I am crazy about yukatas.Yukatas are summer kimono, which costs much cheaper than a formal kimono which is made of silk.Yukata are made of cotton and is more suitable to wear in Malaysia.The best time to wear yukata is during bon ondori festival, which sadly I havent had a chance to attend due to work on saturdays.Guess which one I am buying?If you wanna know, I bought from this friendly seller, her website is here!

FYI, I went to pavillion tokyo street and saw the yukata was selling for RM390, not including the geta.the geta costs RM209!So damn expensive.I only spent RM380 buying the whole set of yukata, obi(belt), geta(shoes) and kinchaku(pouch) from this lovely seller.She also give me free hair accesories to match the yukata.Somemore she says the yukata will reach in 8 days time after payment is made.the yukata is preorder, but is direct import from Japan, high grade quality.