Friday, August 12, 2011

I am seriously buying a yukata!

So, if you guys have been following me for some time, you will know that I am crazy about yukatas.Yukatas are summer kimono, which costs much cheaper than a formal kimono which is made of silk.Yukata are made of cotton and is more suitable to wear in Malaysia.The best time to wear yukata is during bon ondori festival, which sadly I havent had a chance to attend due to work on saturdays.Guess which one I am buying?If you wanna know, I bought from this friendly seller, her website is here!

FYI, I went to pavillion tokyo street and saw the yukata was selling for RM390, not including the geta.the geta costs RM209!So damn expensive.I only spent RM380 buying the whole set of yukata, obi(belt), geta(shoes) and kinchaku(pouch) from this lovely seller.She also give me free hair accesories to match the yukata.Somemore she says the yukata will reach in 8 days time after payment is made.the yukata is preorder, but is direct import from Japan, high grade quality.

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