Sunday, November 27, 2011

My 2nd Wedding Anniversary and about kindness

Today marks my 2nd wedding anniversary. A lot of good things happened in the month of Nov.Yesterday, I received some good news frm my husband, not telling here.I also received a very expensive wedding anniversary gift from my dearest Mother. Also made lots of sales during the month of November, thanks to all my supporters.Looking forward to a wonderful December and the celebration of christmas.
During the month of November, I tried my very best to be nice to everyone I meet.Even if some "people "were not so nice to me, I never took revenge or defended myself . As a result, I find God's blessings pouring out to me more than before.Dear readers, try it, be nice to everyone, buat baik dibalas baik.Don't hurt others with your words or action, for it will come back to you in some other way one day. I see it with my own eyes that some people who were not so nice to me, screwed up themselves sometime or later.I am not boasting here, but God will avenge every bad thing you did to others.
Once, I was not so nice to "somebody", and God really really punished me.I had some very bad days, and that was during early October. Some "people" were really nice to me, and I see God blessing them in some ways, such as scoring good results in exams, becoming rich and prosperous etc
Being unkind to anyone does not do any good to you.It harms the person that you are unkind to, and also harm yourself because deep inside you, you don't feel really good for doing unkind things. Do you know everytime you mention unkind words about anybody, your body has a negative reaction which is not so good for you.You may feel superior stepping on others, but the fact is your body is not responding postively. Think about it, stop bullying others, stop being unkind to others.
Do you know that bullies have problems? if a person is very confident and happy or secured, he or she most likely won't be unkind to others.In fact, it is those insecure people who bullies other to feel superior about themselves. So, you who are reading this, if you think you are bullying someone right now, change! and I guarantee you will receive blessing in return.Do not repay evil for evil, but repay evil with good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TRINITY ROSE sweet hairclip

TRINITY ROSE sweet hairclip

RM8 each

Buy 2 for RM15
SOLD 4 Hairclips!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Isabella Rose hair clip

Inspired by Breaking Dawn, I named this hairclip Isabella Rose

Back view of the hair clip

Another design for the hairclip

5 Mix Isabella Rose hairclip


Buy 2 for RM13

Specially designed by crystalsparadize:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rose Bun hairpin

This hairpin is used to make a bun

Available in 2 patterns currently

Buy 2 for RM15

Monday, November 14, 2011

A ROSE THEME- Rose clip on earrings

Backview of the earrings

FUCHSIA and TURQUOISE ROSE clip on earrings

RM4 per pair

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Korean food with Cousins and their significant other

Celebrating Carina's b'day at DAO RAE korean restaurant in Seri Hartamas

Wonderful evening:)

This is the first time we had such gathering because one of my cousin's bf is still studying overseas, now he is back and we have a full attendance and quadruple date:)

List of successful personalised names bracelet and hp strap

This is currently hanging on my own handphone:)

I have an updated list of the customer's real orders for the personalised names thingy.There are total of 181 orders in just 5 weeks time.There are new orders everyday, and definitely more to come:) Click HERE to see the list of names:) Perhaps some of the names are same as your own name.Common names like Amy, Grace, Maria etc...

FYI, I also made some new designs for hair accesories as mentioned earlier, will post the pics up soon:) Thanks for your support and have a nice day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Stock and New Design

I just bought some more new stock.I am kinda crazy about making hair accesories these days, especially with A ROSE THEME. I am still getting new orders everyday for the personalised names bracelet and hp strap.
Christmas is coming soon.I am going to promote carolling at my church.Hope that the response is good.We are also having a new pastor next year Feb.My pastor who conducted my wedding has left because of health conditions.This coming new pastor is very "in".He plays the saxophone, which is so sexy.I always think of saxophone as SEXYPHONE.Haha.Maybe I will ask him to teach me. I am still thinking whether to buy his saxophone coz he is selling to buy a better one.
There are so many things I want to learn.Dancing, make up class, yoga, play the saxophone, play erhu etc. So many things to do, so little time, and of course all these need moolah as well.Need to earn more money to fulfill my dream:) Yes, and still saving for a new violin.Keeping fingers crossed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Very good book to recommend

Currently I reading a very very good book entitled "love and respect" by Dr Emerson Eggerichs.There are many tips on how to solve conflict and many ideas on how to improve you relationship with your spouse.I am reading it everyday, bit by bit in the morn after taking my breakfast and doing my house chores.

I strongly recommend all couples to read it , and of course practise it.If you do,I guarantee your marriage will take a 180 degree turn.Even marriages on the verge of divorce can be saved.There is a testimonial in the book that a wife who wants a divorce very badly because she felt she lost her love for her husband.But the husband read this book and tried very hard to show love to his wife.Everyday he holds her hand and hugs her and tell her he loves her.In the end, the wife quit the idea of divorce and their relationship is stronger than ever.

Never estimate the power of holding hands ang hug.It can do wonders for your relationship.Read this book to find out more on how to improve your relationship:)Dun forget to thank me after your marriage has improved!Quick and get hold of this wonderful treasure!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me and Hubby

This photo was taken recently in a korean restaurant in Seri Hartamas

Thanks to Amy!

We had an enjoyable time with my cousins and their significant other.

We are going to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary on 28 Nov 2011. 2 years have passed so fast.We had a challenge among the guys and the girls.Guess who won?The guys.Questions we asked is like, What is our dream car?Name all our ex boyfriend's name, Name 3 brands we usually buy when we go shopping.

Rose Rose I Love You Hairpin

Hairpin Specially designed by crystalsparadize

So unique and sweet, fit for a princess!


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Unbelievable price!

Restockable upon request

Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss Astro 2011

Yes, I am really outdated.I just know that my junior is crowned Miss Astro 2011.I regret not watching the contest live in astro, my mum, bro, and grandma watched it.

Talking about beauty pageants, I would really love to join if I have the chance.But I guess I don't have the qualities of being a beauty queen.Congrats to Lim Jia Bing, you made our faculty proud! Wish you all the best in your next round!Will definitely watch the round live!

A ROSE THEME-Hairclips

ROSE flower hairclip:RM3 each

Buy 2 for RM5

Satin flower clip and brooch RM3 for one, buy 2 for RM5

Backview of the rose flower hair clip and brooch.


Satin rose flower and Large rose hairband to tie hair, very sweet and make you look younger.

Large Rose flower hair band RM3 each


Satin rose hairband available in 3 colors:

Turquoise,light pink and violet

RM4, Buy one free one.

SOLD 50 hairbands to date!
Very hot selling!


Rose themed earrings in 3 sizes

small size
RM1.50 per pair
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Medium size

RM2.50 per pair

Sold 2 pairs to date

Large size
RM3 per pair

FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Malaysia IF BUY RM20 and above frm A ROSE THEME series only.


Here I would like to launch my latest collection in crystalsparadize, which is accesories with theme of roses.

New color for personalised names Hp Strap-black

Black hp strap.Every letter is RM1 each and the musical note charm and pink heart charm is RM2 each.Total:RM10

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the month of Nov and about forgiveness

In oct, I got a lot of sales for the personalised names.In Early nov, which means now, I am still getting orders everyday.
Yesterday, I went to Megamall to shop.I bought some stuff.As usual, every month after getting my salary, I will go on a shopping spree. What did I buy this time?I Bought an umbrella, a flower hair clip, Nail Polish, a pair of shoes and some sushi.Yup, I love sushi.
2 days ago, I received a call frm a long time old best friend.Was very happy to hear frm her.She is working at Australia and she got her PR.I haven't seen her for 5 years after my form 6. A very nice sweet, pretty girl with a nice personality.
I believe that everything we do has consequences.What goes around comes around.If you do good, something good will happen to you.If we do something bad, something bad will return to you.Sooner or later, everything you did will come back to you.
I also believe that we should forgive people and also ourselves.If we can't forgive, we suffer the most. Resentment is detrimental to your health.So, I admit very honestly that right now, I do not hate anybody.Those who hurt me or wronged me, I have let go. I try my best to be nice to everybody I meet.I won't take revenge at all.Because I read in the daily bread, and it says, revenge restrained is a victory gained.And facebook also says, do not take revenge, those who are bad to you will screw themselves sometime or later.If you are lucky, God will let you watch. Yes, this is very true, I have experienced it, many times. So, what is the moral of my post today?Buat baik dibalas baik baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat.Every single thing you do counts, so think before you act.God bless you readers:)