Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Juliet Necklace

Normal price:RM150

Now promotion RM80(cost price)Free big gift box

Promotion ends at 31st May 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green vitrail pendant Promotion

Green vitrail pendant 14mm(Bigger size than 10mm)

Normal price RM13

Now promotion price RM8 each

Buy 2 for RM14

Buy 3 for RM20

Add RM3 for white gold plated chain

If buy chain, free gift box worth RM2.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How to win RM100 Jusco voucher from my blog.Read and see...

Just spend RM500 and above within this 2 months and get RM50 Jusco voucher.
Spend RM1000 and above will get RM100 Jusco Voucher.For the top 2 buyers from my blog, they will get RM10 Jusco voucher each.

My top buyers so far is Sherry Go RM315
Second is Mrs Wong, who bought RM290
Third is Yuen, who bought RM282
fourth is Kim Sim, who bought RM267.50
(see whether you can beat these 4 top buyers)

Total sales so far RM1700 within 2 weeks
Target to reach RM10,000

Don't worry, there is still chance for you to win the vouchers, the more you spend, the more you win!Promotion ends at 31 May 2011.

So, please support.Thanks

Eye Candies

Hurrah, meet the eye candies!

Heart candies
, looks so yummy you wanna eat it

RM3 each

Ball candies
RM3.50 Each

Buy 3 for RM10(Ball candies only)

Cube candies
RM3 each

Princess Diana necklace

So elegant

Fit for a princess

So demure and sweet

Can't help falling in love with it

Normal price:RM150
Promotion price:RM100 (Free big Gift box)
(Promotion price Valid until 31st May only)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


In just 2 weeks, my total sales is RM1790.Can't believe it.And I am out of stock for angels now, in total I sold 40 angels.So, if you really want the angels, let me know early coz my promotion ends at May 31st 2011, After that, the price will be back to normal for RM20 per angel.Now angel is only RM12(SUPER CHEAP ).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Selling clothes

I am also becoming an agent for this blogshop helping them to sell clothes.Do visit and let me know which one you are interested.Don't forget to say that Karen recommended you:)

They have 4 types of clothing lines:Basics, sweet, diva and accesories, I saw their blog and their clothes are quite nice.Me myself thought of getting one too:)


I just borrowed the GLEE DVD season 1 from someone, and starting watching it. It was really funny but not suitable for children as it has many sexuality issue and kissing and stuff like that.But I like the songs they sing. Currently, I am watching GLEE Season 2 which is airing in ASTRO, once a week.I think I am going to perm my hair today.My mum says she will sponsor the hair perm as my b'day present.And I will be going to have korean food tmr nite as a b'day treat with my family and next sat, my cousins will bring me out for dinner at El Cerdo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Testimonials from Customers during promotion period

Dear readers, if you are still not convinced whether to buy from me, do read the real life testimonials by my customers during this promotion period of 9 days.The promotion actually ends on 31 May:) There are more testimonials coming, will post them later:)

Kim Sim says:
Thanks for the beautiful angels

Florence says:
Received items, very happy, I like it .Tks.

Ai leng says:
Love the angels of love so much!!!Truly me when I say you won't regret buying them.Just a note from a previous satisfied customer:)

Jusco vouchers and movie tickets to be won!

My total accumulated sales so far is RM1335 and more to come! Please continue your support:)
Total customers in these promotion days is 22 different individuals.
The highest buyer so far is Mei See who bought RM282 worth of products from me, the second highest is Mrs Wong, who bought a total of RM280 worth of products.The 3rd highest spender is Kim Sim with the spending of RM255.The 2 highest spenders will win Jusco voucher worth RM10 each.I might give out more vouchers if my sales are more, so keep spending and supporting my blog:) Nuffnang also gave me 4 free movie vouchers to watch any movie at TGV cinemas.I am thinking to give that away too, but still considering.I might do so if you guys continue your support:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Angel of love special sale extended

In just 8 days, I sold a total of 27 angel of love, and my customers love it and gave good feedback.If u are still hestiting whether to buy it, go ahead, coz my promotion price is only for a limited time and my price is so low that u can't get such price anywhere else. So, I hereby extend my angel of love sale, if you buy 2 angels and above, you will get each angel only at RM12 Each, if you buy 10 angels and above, each angel is RM10 each. I had a customer who bought 7 angels, she gave to her colleagues, and they love it so much, so she order another 5 angels just now.Kim sim, thanks for your support:) and also thanks to lydia tong, my returning customer who bought 9 times from me, since 3 years back.Thankyou for all your support, dear readers, without you, who am I?Tanpa kamu semua, siapakah saya?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

very good angel of love sales!

I sold 7 angels today, and total is 24 angels in just 7 days! so, don't miss this spectacular offer! RM10 for an angel?Where else can you get such price.My usual price is RM20 for one angel.

My birthday super duper sale!Angel of love at RM12 each only for today!

Today is my birthday, and as a gift to all my readers, I am selling the angel of love real cheap! RM12 only per angel and only valid for those who order today ONLY and BUY 5 FREE ONE!Wow, really unbelievable.Tmr, it will be back to RM17 promotion price each.Your order can be only reserved for 2 days, if payment not made in 2 days, it will automatically be canceled.My handphone num is 0122400278, As I am going to church after I type this blog entry, I won't be back till afternoon to check my mail.Anything, you can sms me, but don't call me ya as I am pianist in church worship service today:)So, why wait?place your order before 12 midnite todayThis is serious, my normal price for angel is RM20 with free gift box.Now one day promotion RM12 Per Angel, and if u buy 5 angels, you will get one more free!

Sales again

I made some sales today as well.So, I have exceeded RM1000 in sales in just 6 days and more coming soon, thanks for your support:) I sold 17 angels in just 6 days:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

contest! Prizes to be won

For the 2 buyers who bought the most from this blog,from 1 apr onwards will get A Free jusco voucher each worth RM10.If the person spends RM300 above, I will give RM20 jusco voucher!

So far,the highest buyer is Mrs Wong, bought items worth RM280.The second highest is Kim sim, RM195.If you can spend higher than these 2 buyers, then the JUSCO voucher will be yours.Contest will end on 31 May 2011.Thanks for your support once again:)

Further mark down, item selling below cost price!

Normal price:RM150
Now RM80 only, below cost price, cost price is RM100.
Can u believe it! Nobody would sell lower at cost price!

Grab it below its too late:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Starfish charm necklace promotion!

Normal price:RM2o, comes with necklace and free gift box

NOW RM15 only!

Buy 2 for RM28, WOW! Unbelievable

Promotion valid till 31 May 2011 only

Angel of love stocks

As you can see, these are the angel of love stock that I sold today and some I did not take the photo.A total of 12 angels sold, to be precise.

Because of the good response for the angels, I am going to do another promotion, if you buy 10 angels, you only pay RM120 for 10 angels, which means RM12 each.Normal price is RM20 each, so you save RM80 if you buy 10 angels.

So happy, so many orders.

So, in 4 days I managed to achieve total sales of RM948, which is really a lot, more than what I achieve a month, during those normal days.Thanks all readers for their loyal support, and some of them are old returning customers too! Today I sold a total of 12 angel of love, first time sell so many angels in just one day.I am certain I will be able to achieve my dream of owning a RM10,000 violin soon if my sales keep on going.Thanks again.Muacks!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wow, first time in my life so many sales in one day.My total sales to date for this 4 days is RM386, which is equal to usually my sales for a month.Do support cheap handmade products selling at cost price!Actually, besides raising fund for my new violin, I am also raising fund for my church mission fund.I have pledge a certain amount and yet to pay it, and maybe I will channel some money to support the ALPHA marriage course to be organised at my church as they need sponsors for refreshments. Thanks to all reader who bought my products and May God bless you for doing your part for charity:)


OMG, I just receive an email frm my fren, and she says her colleague order 17 items from my blog worth RM71! Can't believe after posting for an hour today , I get so much sales.thanks Kim sim.Do pass this marvellous offer to all your frens coz you really can't such price from whole of Malaysia, selling at cost price.This is the first in my life I am selling at cost price, seriously.Hope you will continue to support handmade items, thanks very much arigatou gozaimasu!

Hair wires selling at cost price!.

Those circled are the colors left.

Coloful stretchable hair wires
Normal price :RM1 for 2.
Now selling RM1 for 3 hairwires!
RM2 for 8 hairwires.Cost price.

Sold more than 200 hairwires to date, was recently a bestseller coz it was super affordable.
Promotion valid until 31 May 2011 only.

Lovely flower hair bands selling at cost price!

Normal price:RM4 each
NOW selling at cost price:RM2 each.Unbelievable!
Sold more than 50 flower hairbands!

Hair accesories selling at cost Price!Unbelievable

Blue crown

Amethyst crown(Left 2 only)

Turquoise crown

Normal price:RM9 each
NOW selling at cost price RM4 EACH!Unbelievable, non restockable!
Sold more than 20 crowns to date.Very elegant and kawaii!

My Love Story Bridal Jewellery set also selling at cost price!

My Love Story Bridal Jewellery set, super elegant, can be used for dinners too!
Took me more than 10 hours to make, its that long, honestly.
Normal price:RM149


Juliet Bridal Necklace selling at cost Price!Unbelievable

Made with genuine swarovski crystals, takes 6 hours to make!

Normal price:RM150
Now selling at cost price RM80, includes big gift box and Free delivery!
Offer valid till 31 May 2011 only.

I got sales!

So, I have been getting sales daily since I started the promotion.Total sales for 3 days is RM181.Hope to get more sales soon:) Thanks for all your support! My dream of owning a new violin soon is in your hands.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My sales has increased!

Since the day I have the promotion for my products, I had been getting a total of sales of RM144 Which is quite good within 3 days, since saturday 9 Apr and more to come.In this 3 days, I sold around 12 items. I hope that you guys can continue to support my sales.I might be having a contest if time permits and readers can stand chance to win prizes on my products like last time.So, stay tuned:) BTW, my dream of getting the violin is closer day by day:) For those readers who bought my products, thanks a million and hope to hear from you again.

New design 2

Multicolor hp hanger With Treble clef

Promotion price until 31 May 2011:RM4 each Normal price:RM6

New Designs

Bermuda blue Angel of Love Bookmark

(Other colors also available)

Promotion price until 31 May 2011:RM18

Buy 2 for RM35

Normal price:RM22

Sunday, April 10, 2011

violin talk

So, I went to see my potential new violin today at Puchong.The sound of the violin was wonderful, very seasoned and mellow.When the the boss's student tested the violin, I was mesmerized, the vibrato is so lovely! So, I am saving money now to buy that violin which costs a bomb, RM10,000.According to the boss, the violin is over a hundred year old French violin.It comes together with evah pirazzi strings, the most expensive violin string which cost RM380 a set.My current violin uses dominant strings which costs RM155 a set of 4 strings.I also had a aunt in England who knows a violin maker, which is her friend.I am also thinking whether to ask her buy for me coz her fren makes good violin, and the violin she has now, has a very lovely sound.So, still praying about it.well, I am working hard on this online business to help funding for the new violin, so please support ya.My prices are really low and I 've never had a sale like this before, really, if u have read my previous posts, you will know this time is a big super sale, guaranteed you cannot find such good price in whole of Malaysia!Some I am selling at cost price coz I have over few thousand worth of stock at my home which accumulated for over 10 years.So, then.ciaoz!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saving money now

So, I am trying very very hard to save money.Even stop buying clothes, cut down on petrol, no perm hair, no eat outside food, very very budget liao.I am that desperate, just to save money to buy a violin that costs RM10,000! Maybe u think I am crazy.But I just try my best to save save save, and by this year, I will definitely get the violin!haha.....I am even having super promotion in my other blog just to attract more sales.Hopefuly can get at least RM2000 sales to cover for my violin.I cut down on dancing class, violin class and gu zheng class this month too.See, I am so budget.I've never been that budget before in my entire life.Really, honestly.Oklah, enough of this crap thingy.Gotta take a rest.

Super Deal Eleven

Me(first from the left) and my 3 lovely cousins

Celebrating Carina's b'day

Ok, so I had posted 10 super deals.There will be more deals coming soon.Just be patient ya.I am selling really really cheap, so cheap that u cannot find such price in whole World, I am even selling at cost price for some items, can't u believe it! If anybody buys RM120 and above in one purchase, he/she will get one free ANGEL OF LOVE worth RM20, which is my best seller.I have sold more than 150 Angels to date, until I sort of like lost count.Why am I selling so cheap, the reason is I am buying a new violin which costs RM10,000 and I need funding, so have to sacrifice a bit lor.This offer lasts until end of May.The super sales Might be extended if the response is very good.

Super Sales Deal Ten

Swarovski crystal mirror, made of 270 crystals.

Normal Price:RM150

Now RM100(Cost price)

CAN U BELIEVE IT?I AM SELLING FIRST TIME AT COST PRICE! Don't miss this offer, only one left!

Super Sales Deal Nine

10mm Heart Shaped pendant(available in other colors)

Normal price:RM7 each

Now RM5 each

Buy 4 Free one.

If Add necklace:Normal price RM13 Free gift box

NOW RM10 eaach free Gift box

Buy 2 necklaces for RM18

Buy 3 necklaces for RM25

Buy 4 necklaces for RM30

Buy 5 necklaces for RM36

(Every necklace gets one free gift box)

Super Sales Deal Eight

Normal Price:RM68 each

Now RM50 each Free big gift box

Buy 2 for RM90

Super Sales Deal Seven

Snowflake bracelet (Available in other colors)

Normal price:RM45

Now RM40 Free gift box

Buy 2 for RM70

Super sales Deal Six

Normal price:RM14

NOW RM10 per pair

Super Sales Deal 5

Mini angel earrings

Normal Price:RM20


Super sales Deal Four

Normal price:RM20

Now RM18

Super Sales Deal Three

14mm Purple heart shaped necklace

Normal price:RM16


Buy 2 for RM24

Super sales Deal Two

Normal Price:RM8

NOW RM5 EACH, Available in other colors upon request.


Normal Price :RM10 each


Buy 2 for RM13

Super sales Deal one

Normal Price:RM8 Now selling RM7 Buy 2 for RM12


This is the first time I am having such a big sale.The sale will end on May 31 2011.I am selling several items at a much lower price, compared to the normal price.This is due to I am buying a new violin that costs RM10,000.Hence I am having this super sales to get more sales.Pls support.U really can't find such good deals elsewhere, honestly. FREE POS EXPRESS for purchases of RM20 and above and free mystery gift for purchases of RM25 and above.Stay tuned.Pictures coming soon in the next posts.

I am saving money !

So, you are thinking, what am I saving to buy?Something very expensive.Ok, I will spill the beans here.I am planning to get a new violin, budget around RM10,000.Yup, a good violin is that expensive.My current violin is fine, but I am planning to get a better one.Dear readers, do click on my ads if you visit my blog now ya cuz nuffnang will pay me for the advertisements.It goes to my funding for a new violin.I am trying hard to resist temptation to perm my hair, to avoid buying new clothes, go for expensive dinner/lunches and etc and try very very hard to save every penny as possible.So, do support my sales ya.The angel of love is having huge promotion, don't miss it! RM17 Only, normal price RM20 each, NOW EVEN better, buy 2 for RM30 and buy 5 free one!fantastic offer!!!!!!!