Friday, April 8, 2011

Saving money now

So, I am trying very very hard to save money.Even stop buying clothes, cut down on petrol, no perm hair, no eat outside food, very very budget liao.I am that desperate, just to save money to buy a violin that costs RM10,000! Maybe u think I am crazy.But I just try my best to save save save, and by this year, I will definitely get the violin!haha.....I am even having super promotion in my other blog just to attract more sales.Hopefuly can get at least RM2000 sales to cover for my violin.I cut down on dancing class, violin class and gu zheng class this month too.See, I am so budget.I've never been that budget before in my entire life.Really, honestly.Oklah, enough of this crap thingy.Gotta take a rest.

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