Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Deal Eleven

Me(first from the left) and my 3 lovely cousins

Celebrating Carina's b'day

Ok, so I had posted 10 super deals.There will be more deals coming soon.Just be patient ya.I am selling really really cheap, so cheap that u cannot find such price in whole World, I am even selling at cost price for some items, can't u believe it! If anybody buys RM120 and above in one purchase, he/she will get one free ANGEL OF LOVE worth RM20, which is my best seller.I have sold more than 150 Angels to date, until I sort of like lost count.Why am I selling so cheap, the reason is I am buying a new violin which costs RM10,000 and I need funding, so have to sacrifice a bit lor.This offer lasts until end of May.The super sales Might be extended if the response is very good.


Sherry said...

how about the bracelet you always made popular one.. forgot the name, that one no sale?

crystalsparadize said...

Oh, you mean the princess charming.Yes, I will certainly give you special discount coz u bought from me previously.Buy more, get more discount:)just email me for more info:)