Saturday, April 16, 2011

My birthday super duper sale!Angel of love at RM12 each only for today!

Today is my birthday, and as a gift to all my readers, I am selling the angel of love real cheap! RM12 only per angel and only valid for those who order today ONLY and BUY 5 FREE ONE!Wow, really unbelievable.Tmr, it will be back to RM17 promotion price each.Your order can be only reserved for 2 days, if payment not made in 2 days, it will automatically be canceled.My handphone num is 0122400278, As I am going to church after I type this blog entry, I won't be back till afternoon to check my mail.Anything, you can sms me, but don't call me ya as I am pianist in church worship service today:)So, why wait?place your order before 12 midnite todayThis is serious, my normal price for angel is RM20 with free gift box.Now one day promotion RM12 Per Angel, and if u buy 5 angels, you will get one more free!