Monday, June 28, 2010

bought a new bag!Guess what it is?

Hi readers.So, I bought a new bag.No, its not Coach, not Che che, not Longchamp not LV, not Guess, not Prada...

Its from Sembonia.I went to Jusco and there was sale!So I grab a bag for myself and a lovely leather purse for my mum.My bag got 50% off, so I decided to get it rather than spend a bomb on che che or longchamp bags.
My bro just came back frm Bangkok.He is back renewed, and have dreams for himself. I hope he will achieve his dreams one by one.
This month is both my bro and mum's birthday. We are going to Shangrila hotel for a buffet treat by my beloved husband. I once went to Shangrila Lemon Grass cafe for buffet dinner on one of my company's dinner.It was awesome.Love the chocolate fountain, the mussels, the dessert is definitely splendid.Of course the price also awesome lah,RM98++ per person, not everyone can afford.
will show u pics of the bag later:) ciaoz!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Che che vs Longchamp

Longchamp Le Pliage classic bag in Navy Blue with long handle
Water resistant( with leather handle)

Che che coin purse, so cute!

I went to Mid valley yesterday with my fren.Went into che che shop and saw so many unique designs.One of them selling is the hello kitty coin pouch.This is my first time entering the che che shop.Che che is frm New York by the way.I also went to check out Longchamp store at the Gardens.Almost wanted to buy the Le Pliage bag that costs RM530.The design is a bit too simple for me.I think I might go to the che che shop again this week and grab my dream bag:)hehe...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June, a wonderful month

I met with an accident last week.A purple car bumped at my car's back and my left light came out, my car's number plate also cracked.Maybe you think I am stupid not to stop my car and confront the car owner to pay for the damages.I saw that the car was full of people.I am alone just finished work near Mid valley there, and I was in a good mood, suddenly out of the blue, boom!someone banged on my car. I have to bear the damages myself but luckily it was not too big a figure and I am not hurt.
I pay my tithe regularly and faithfully every month and how can this happen to me, ppl may ask.But I thank God I am safe and still serve him faithfully as pianist in church and join prayer meeting early in the morning and attending ministry director's meeting and also cg(care group). got Ppl ask me, why you give so much tithe then so active in church and accident happen to you? No, they are wrong.In spite of this, God blessed me even more! My purse is never empty and I got businesses flowing.One customer ordered 4 angels one shot( including the beautiful giant angel), my aunt bought the pink eyeglass chain from me and there are other deals too.My husband is also blessed.His boss is in favour of him and he gets good apraisal and stuff like that.
In life, nothing is smooth sailing all the way.Accidents may happen to us, like what happened to me above for example.But continue to trust God even in your lowest point.If we are humble, he will lift us up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweetie Pink eyeglass chain again

Selling at RM50(Glasses not included)

Promotion:RM50 with free delivery for 1st 20 customers

I dreamt of Kenny Sia

I dreamt of Kenny Sia, last nite, seriously! So, what was he doing in my dream.He was an emcee for a photography contest.I also took some pictures for the contest but Kenny said must use canon brand to shoot the pics,I only have Samsung camera.Guess what?Kenny is speaking in mandarin in my dream.I wonder if he speaks mandarin in real life.Once I woke up after this dream, I open the laptop and start to type this post.
Today is my grandma and cousin Jade's birthday.Happy birthday to both of you.May God bless you in your life.

Oops I did it again

oops, I left my camera at another place, but nevermind, I promised to upload the photo of the coveted eyeglass chain tmr ya.Stay tuned.Today was a tiring day for me.Cleaning up the house frm 8am till 12pm.then later work til 7.15pm, then had cg (caregroup) until 10.30pm.Thats my day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

sweetie pink eyeglass chain

I just made a very sweet pink eyeglass chain.Will upload the pic later k.Stay tuned.
Oh Ya, the eyeglass chain is selling at RM50.Promotion:Free delivery for the 1st 20 customers who ordered it..My mum is using one by the way, she wears it every freaking day!that is what I gave her for mother's day gift and she receives compliments frm ppl around her.Even the indonesian maid at her frens' house asked her bout the eyeglass chain.My aunt saw my mum wearing it and wanted to order one for herself and for her 2 sisters too.thats how popular chic eyeglass chain are.Buy one for your mum or aunt or grandma who has a reading glass.Guaranteed they will love it!I also made one for my mum in law. Please stay tuned and check my blog later.guarantee will upload the pic tonite! If you like blue, purple, black or other colors instead of pink, I can custom make for you.The eyeglass chain is detachable and you can change specs anytime u want, it's that easy.Instead of a boring black string to read newspapers, look modern and chic instantly with the shiny eyeglass chain made of crystals and pearls that will jazz up the most boring outfit.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty Galz dating ugly guys...

So, I just read Cheesie's blog again about the pretty gal dating ugly guys post.Wow, first time seeing so many comments frm readers until cheesie closed the comment session.I wanted to comment, but closed edi, so I guess I write my comment here.There were 130 comments in her particular post.Cheesie mentioned about wanting to marry someone like Ip man. Haha, I was laughingn when I read this.I am sure a big fan of Ip man.I mean Donnie Yen acted so well.haha. Ip man is such a family guy, after he win a battle, first thing is he wanna go home.
I am honest to say that looks is important to me.When I was young, I admired good looking guys like everyone, and its a bonus if they are super smart. My cousin once commented I will meet my future husband at the library.Not true anyway. My husband is smart but he is not top student stuff lah.He has high EQ for sure, which is a very good virtue.Once, he work so hard in uni he told me that he almost got dean's list (Very happy to hear that). He has a fren, on the first year of college scored all A's, then second sem all B's, then 3rd sem all C's then 4th sem all D's. His fren is very smart, but got into wrong company and as a result, his results suffer lor. So, your frens are very important, they either make you or break you.
I was lucky during my form 5 time.I had a crush on a super smart guy (hope he is not reading this), in order to attract him, I work very hard in my studies.Thanks to him, I got decent results in my SPM. I think that good results were everything in life, but now I realised not, a good balance in life is what matters.What do u gain if u are top student but the whole school hates you becoz you are too cocky?You will end up unhappy.So, I would rather be just nice in studies and have a good social life.

Random stuff

In an issue of CLEO mag, 2 bloggers were featured that I knew which is top blogger Ninie Ahmad from Project Alpha season 2 and also Joyce Kirsten Wong, known as Kinky Blue Fairy. Bloggers can be very influential people as well.Some of husband frens are fulltime bloggers and they manage a few blogs.Will be continued....going off for dinner now!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My 1st nuffnang cheque

Although it is not much compared to other famous bloggers, but still happy to receive my first cheque from nuffnang.It took me about 2 months after cashing out to receive this cheque.Anyway, Thanks nuffnang! Waiting for the next cash out (winks)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hearts Kimono

Just visited Cheesie's blog and saw her wearing a kimono.So pretty.I wish I had a chance to wear a real kimono and take photo:) So niceeeeee! So tempted to buy yukata but no occasion to wear it. Ok, dinner ready now, gtg! Just watched Prince of persia, so so only.I still very much prefer Ipman2 and iron man2!