Monday, June 14, 2010

sweetie pink eyeglass chain

I just made a very sweet pink eyeglass chain.Will upload the pic later k.Stay tuned.
Oh Ya, the eyeglass chain is selling at RM50.Promotion:Free delivery for the 1st 20 customers who ordered it..My mum is using one by the way, she wears it every freaking day!that is what I gave her for mother's day gift and she receives compliments frm ppl around her.Even the indonesian maid at her frens' house asked her bout the eyeglass chain.My aunt saw my mum wearing it and wanted to order one for herself and for her 2 sisters too.thats how popular chic eyeglass chain are.Buy one for your mum or aunt or grandma who has a reading glass.Guaranteed they will love it!I also made one for my mum in law. Please stay tuned and check my blog later.guarantee will upload the pic tonite! If you like blue, purple, black or other colors instead of pink, I can custom make for you.The eyeglass chain is detachable and you can change specs anytime u want, it's that easy.Instead of a boring black string to read newspapers, look modern and chic instantly with the shiny eyeglass chain made of crystals and pearls that will jazz up the most boring outfit.

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