Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey, I haven been updating my blog for quite some time.It is due to my hectic schedule for my final semester.But once I finish my studies around April, I will create more new designs:)I wanna thank those who supported my handmade products...

Here is a glimpse of my personal life:
1.I am a final year music student at a local university
2.I love dancing and singing although I am not very good at it
3.Beading is my passion
4.I love Japanese food
5.I use to read books, but now hardly have time to do so.But, I try to read newspapers
6.I can speak basic Korean and French
7.I love romantic movies such as Twilight, A walk to Remember.I also enjoy comedies like Bruce Almighty, Shaolin soccer.I also emjoy some action movies like Ip man, Once upon a time in China(Wong Fei Hong)
8.I am a christian and I serve as a pianist during worship at least once a month

Au Revoir,Annyong hi kye seyo!Will update my blog from time to time

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Important Announcement!

Crystalsparadize would like to thank all the readers for their support.However,we regret to inform that due to hectic study schedule, no new designs will be made for 2 months.New designs will be available in April.If there are any enquiries or custom made request you would like to make, send it to my email at .I will reply your email within 24 hours and fullfilled your request on April.I will still check my mail everyday but will not be able to make accesories, thats all.I will only sell those items which are still available.

Items which are still available are:
1. 1 angel(RM20 each with free box)
2.Charms only(not including bracelet)
3.Sweet sixteen bracelet now RM35(Before that RM40) Grab it before someone takes it!
4.Virginia's colors. RM17 each

Friday, February 13, 2009

Revealing the winners for my First contest, there will be more to come.

Congratulations to the 2 winners with the most creative slogan.For the others, don't be disappointed, There will be a next round of contests.The 2 winners will win a pair of pink valentine earrings and 10% discount off any purchase from crystalsparadize:)

Winner No.1

Her slogan:
Actually i am looking forward for tomorrow's activites, but now it is just a dream for me. I just quarrelled with my bf and all the activities might be cancelled. He bought what i want,but with a moody voice and action like i forced him to buy.I am so upset with him although we have been together for so long. Really wish there is a present for me to brighten my day for tomorrow.(Thanks for the contest,it's ok if i don't win but i feel relieve now to voice out everything.)^^

Winner No.2
Fashion Jungle
Her slogan:
For the perfect Valentine's look, never underestimate what wonders a pair of earrings can do. My perfect pair would definitely be the PINK VALENTINE from crystalsparadise.

Stay tuned to my blog.There will be more contests to come.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

win yourself a valentine gift Last call

There is one more day left for the contest.U just need to write a slogan why deserve the pink valentine earrings from crystalsparadize.So far, I have only receive 5 comments.I need 5 more entries in order for me to give away the freebies.Come on readers, let some creativity juices flowing:)For those who dropped the comments, Thanks for your support, pass this around ya.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Win yourself(for your gf) a valentine gift totally free!

it seems that the response is quite poor for this contest.We are really giving out 2 pairs of pink valentine earrings for free!yes, totally no obligations.U just need to write a slogan to say why you deserve the earrings from Crystalsparadize.So far, I only receive 2 comments.Therefore I think I need to set a target of at least 10 entries before I decide to give out the freebies.Pass this to your friends.What are u guys waiting for?This is not a fraud.The quality of the earrings are of same par with the products I am selling.So, don't hestitate and try your luck.For the 2 person who made the comments, thanks for your support.