Sunday, February 15, 2009

Important Announcement!

Crystalsparadize would like to thank all the readers for their support.However,we regret to inform that due to hectic study schedule, no new designs will be made for 2 months.New designs will be available in April.If there are any enquiries or custom made request you would like to make, send it to my email at .I will reply your email within 24 hours and fullfilled your request on April.I will still check my mail everyday but will not be able to make accesories, thats all.I will only sell those items which are still available.

Items which are still available are:
1. 1 angel(RM20 each with free box)
2.Charms only(not including bracelet)
3.Sweet sixteen bracelet now RM35(Before that RM40) Grab it before someone takes it!
4.Virginia's colors. RM17 each

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