Friday, February 13, 2009

Revealing the winners for my First contest, there will be more to come.

Congratulations to the 2 winners with the most creative slogan.For the others, don't be disappointed, There will be a next round of contests.The 2 winners will win a pair of pink valentine earrings and 10% discount off any purchase from crystalsparadize:)

Winner No.1

Her slogan:
Actually i am looking forward for tomorrow's activites, but now it is just a dream for me. I just quarrelled with my bf and all the activities might be cancelled. He bought what i want,but with a moody voice and action like i forced him to buy.I am so upset with him although we have been together for so long. Really wish there is a present for me to brighten my day for tomorrow.(Thanks for the contest,it's ok if i don't win but i feel relieve now to voice out everything.)^^

Winner No.2
Fashion Jungle
Her slogan:
For the perfect Valentine's look, never underestimate what wonders a pair of earrings can do. My perfect pair would definitely be the PINK VALENTINE from crystalsparadise.

Stay tuned to my blog.There will be more contests to come.

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ILoveCoke said...

no offense .. but the first winner's post exceed 30 word limit ? its kinda unfair..