Wednesday, February 11, 2009

win yourself a valentine gift Last call

There is one more day left for the contest.U just need to write a slogan why deserve the pink valentine earrings from crystalsparadize.So far, I have only receive 5 comments.I need 5 more entries in order for me to give away the freebies.Come on readers, let some creativity juices flowing:)For those who dropped the comments, Thanks for your support, pass this around ya.


MiC said...

Hi there, this is MiC from Fashionista in You. well, i saw that you are having not many response for contest izzit? well, i can help you to host your contest at my blog. this is not a personal blog tough... well, feel free and take alook. http:
// to discuss further, do drop me an email. ^^

MiC said...

erm... typo... is

crystalsparadize said...


Thanks for your offer.Sure, u can post it in your blog:)