Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey, I haven been updating my blog for quite some time.It is due to my hectic schedule for my final semester.But once I finish my studies around April, I will create more new designs:)I wanna thank those who supported my handmade products...

Here is a glimpse of my personal life:
1.I am a final year music student at a local university
2.I love dancing and singing although I am not very good at it
3.Beading is my passion
4.I love Japanese food
5.I use to read books, but now hardly have time to do so.But, I try to read newspapers
6.I can speak basic Korean and French
7.I love romantic movies such as Twilight, A walk to Remember.I also enjoy comedies like Bruce Almighty, Shaolin soccer.I also emjoy some action movies like Ip man, Once upon a time in China(Wong Fei Hong)
8.I am a christian and I serve as a pianist during worship at least once a month

Au Revoir,Annyong hi kye seyo!Will update my blog from time to time

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