Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handcrafted Swarovski Princess Roselyn Mirror

Princess Roselyn Mirror
(Why such a high price because the smallest swarovski crystal cost RM0.30 and the biggest cost RM2.In total around 270 swarovski crystals being sticked one by one, takes great patience too)
Closer look, such gorgeous piece

A two way mirror, (Mind my camera there)

The cross behind the mirror

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Customers and reader!Good news...Freebies...

Me and my gifts from family, friends and juniors.TQ very much :)
(P/S: Quite heavy to hold these 5 gifts: 3 flowers, one bear and a baloon wif gas tat make it float in d air)

Convocation at University Malaya on 13 Aug 2009
L to R:My bro, Me, My Bf and Mum

Dear:Reader cum customers,

No , this blog is not closed down, neither does the business stops here.It's just that I haven been not hardworking enough to take pictures of my designs and post them online.

FYI, I have gotten my degree from University of Malaya and began my career.This jewellery business is still on, as a hobby, that's why the prices are rather affordable compare to outside.If you have any designs that you like, do send me an email and I can custom make for you.

The good news is, I am giving out a pair of worth RM6 butterfly hairclips for every purchase of goods of RM50 and above. Those hairclips are lovely, sweet and I myself personally would use them too, but I have to keep it aside for business use.Will show the pics later k....

Angel of love (hp hanger/pendant)are still available at only RM20, Those are my best seller,sold more than 50 angels to date.Buy 5 free 1 too! After starting working, feel bit lazy to update...haha, u will know once u are fulltime working.