Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Customers and reader!Good news...Freebies...

Me and my gifts from family, friends and juniors.TQ very much :)
(P/S: Quite heavy to hold these 5 gifts: 3 flowers, one bear and a baloon wif gas tat make it float in d air)

Convocation at University Malaya on 13 Aug 2009
L to R:My bro, Me, My Bf and Mum

Dear:Reader cum customers,

No , this blog is not closed down, neither does the business stops here.It's just that I haven been not hardworking enough to take pictures of my designs and post them online.

FYI, I have gotten my degree from University of Malaya and began my career.This jewellery business is still on, as a hobby, that's why the prices are rather affordable compare to outside.If you have any designs that you like, do send me an email and I can custom make for you.

The good news is, I am giving out a pair of worth RM6 butterfly hairclips for every purchase of goods of RM50 and above. Those hairclips are lovely, sweet and I myself personally would use them too, but I have to keep it aside for business use.Will show the pics later k....

Angel of love (hp hanger/pendant)are still available at only RM20, Those are my best seller,sold more than 50 angels to date.Buy 5 free 1 too! After starting working, feel bit lazy to update...haha, u will know once u are fulltime working.

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