Monday, February 22, 2016

MIA for quite some time

Since I got married and had a kid, life is certainly more busy.I has less time doing handcrafts and spend more time taking care of my son.
9 years ago.I looked like this.I am the one wearing black T shirt.

Now I looked like this.Make up and hairstyle was done by my good friend's girlfriend.
Did I change much 9 years later.I am turning 30 in Apr.My makeup artist said I looked like in my twenties, like 23 or 24 years old.What do you think?

Basically after I had a kid, I totally changed my lifestyle.I ate more organic food, especially during breakfast.I take some supplements, royal jelly and consumed sea salt.

Diet is very important if you want to maintain a youthful look.I will share some more tips in my next post on how to stay healthy and maintain a youthful look.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wow, MIA for so long!

      I bought a scrunchie from mid valley which is a different design for my cousin's xmas gift.Then I was inspired to make one myself. All the materials are made from swarovski crystals and pearls.The color is lasting unlike cheap normal pearls which will flake in long term.Made from 100 component : pearls and crystals and silver colored diamante rondelles.I am selling it for RM32 each.Buy 2 for RM60 and free shipping.Also available in Gold color. Interested?kindly email me at for more info.Have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A post dedicated to our Hero Dato Lee Chong Wei

      Everytime, I check Facebook, there will be so many posts about Dato Lee Chong Wei. As I read some post, I almost cried.He has done his best and he is so humble.Taking pain killers each time before every match and still excelling beyond his level. My mum and I also prayed for him during the final match.I prayed that he is steady.
       I was tempted to get the FREE Baskin Robbins ice cream tonite,8-8-2012 from 8pm -10pm.But I had to work and can't make it in time.Some more, there will be a super long queue in all the outlets.So, I guess I have to miss it this time.
       Yesterday, I met up with my long time old best friend.She is still pretty as ever and she is a pharmacist.She got a PR in Australia and her boyfriend(australian chinese) is also a pharmacist.When I asked him about the olympics, he said he also supported DLCW.
       I also went to Kanebo Metrojaya to take a look at some cosmetics.My friend bought a very sweet lip gloss for RM104 while I bought an eyeshadow palette for RM175.If you spend RM150 and above, you will get RM20 voucher at Parkson Grand.I was contemplating to buy a nail polish as well for a friend's wedding gift but end up not getting it.I am not sure whether she will like the color.After that I went to get my fave donuts at Big apple donuts.I love the durian, peach and strawberry flavour, they are always my favourite. Then I rush to my next class.after my class, I called it a day. A fruitful but tiring day.I haven't met my best friend for 5 years, and I hope our friendship will last forever.
         I love DLCW and wish you happiness in your coming wedding.I wonder if you will invite Lin Dan as well?haha...

Ok,  a treat for my readers here.If you support DLCW and think he is our Hero, Pls leave a comment for this post.I will send the first 5 readers a handmade bookmark to your address for FREE.Kindly leave your email as well.Ppl give free baskin Robbin, some give free nasi kandar, and I am just doing my part to give bookmarks in honor of DLCW.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lovely Handmade Bookmarks selling for Charity!Come support!

Here are some of the bookmarks I made.In total, I made 37 bookmarks in 2 weeks time.I sold 25 bookmarks to 14 different customers.Some bought up to 5 bookmarks one shot. Some bookmarks here are reserved and some are still available.Remakes are possible. price range frm RM1 to RM4.50. 90% of the bookmarks are priced at RM2 each.

 Bookmark made for Isaac

 Back view of the bookmark

To create this bookmark, I used Martha Stewart's lace border puncher which I bought for RM79.90.I also used imported USA Embossing powders, embossing ink and japanese rubber stamps to create the images.I also used a big butterfly puncher to cut out the blue butterfly, which I bought for RM54.90.For the embossing technique, I bought a heat tool worth RM109.90.Most of my supplies are imported and you cannot buy it in Malaysia.I also bought a laminating machine to laminate each and every bookmark so that it is waterproof and more lasting.Imagine all the money I spend, just to create one single design for the bookmark and only selling for RM2 each.
          To be honest, my entire supplies cater to make these collection of bookmarks cost me slightly more than RM1000.OUCH! Do u know how much does a standard A3size laminating machine costs?I surveyed the price and it was RM480! I bought the A4 size laminator and of course its  cheaper.I also found out that the laminating service at photostat centres for A4 size is RM2.50.If you laminate your IC, its costs RM1.50 and a small photo would costs RM1 each.Imagine how competitive my bookmarks costs.For every RM2 you pay for the bookmark, RM1 will be donated to my church building fund.We need a large sum of money to buy a new building and we are planning to move out in 3 years time.I am just trying my small bit to help out in the church building fund.Yes, I am a christian.Although I don't earn much from making these bookmarks, but I really do enjoy making them.Hope you readers will show some support.
I will be giving free delivery to anywhere in Malaysia if you buy 3 bookmarks and above.If you buy below 3, just add RM0.90 for the envelope and postage.
Price:RM2 only

Till then, will post up more close up pics of the bookmarks in my next post! C ya!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Custom made Accesories!

Dear readers, I am back! Here are some designs which are custom made by some customers.Currently I am also making handmade bookmarks which are laminated.The profit of the bookmarks will go to church building fund.I am also making some crystal cross pendants or hp hanger.Will post the pics later k. Stay tuned!

 Butterfly Necklace

RM40 with Free Big Gift Box

Eve Bridal Necklace

RM100 with Free Big gift Box

Custom made set for a customer
Includes handmade paper bag, envelope with message, princess charming superior bracelet and Personalised Name Bracelet.
This customer orders this whole set for his friend's birthday.

Black Beauty Set
RM45 Only
Includes bracelet, earrings and ring.
For the necklace, add extra RM55.

Superior Princess Charming bracelet With free gift box
(gift box does not included the swarovski rhinestones, just plain)

Monday, June 18, 2012

B'day Celebration at Rakuzen

Me and Shaun

Me and Mae Hsien

Carina and Xiao 6

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am reading a new book rite now entitled LOVE AS A WAY OF LIFE by Gary Chapman.The first chapter is about kindness.I would like to list down some genuine acts of kindess ppl has shown me in these years, those which I remember vividly.

1. My BM teacher who gave me RM1 to buy Milo when I was hungry and no money to buy food when I was standard 3 (9 years old).I still remember his name:Ng Chee Keong.He used to teased me as Hallelujah because I sing a lot in class.When I put on braces, he called me " Beautiful teeth".

2.My grandmother who gave me RM200 to pay for thesis binding and printing, as a result I graduated in time and scored a B+ for my degree thesis.

3.A volunteer in a camp, currently a pastor now(Pastor Richard Lee) who gave a listening ear to my problems in a teens camp.He established the Kenosis Drug rehabilitation centre.There is another counsellor in the camp who also is a very good listener named YEO SWEE LAN.I would like to thank her here and I really hope to meet her again.

4.My cousin Amy Tan who cooked me nice food when I was not feeling well.She brought me magazines such as CLEO, HOT and a book by Nicholas Sparks entitled "THE WEDDING"

5.My dear cousin Carina Chong who massaged for me when I was having a bad headache during Chinese New Year.

6.My Science teacher Puan Noraini when I was form 1 and form 2.She told me;" Your mother is your best friend"

6.My homeroom teacher when I was form 2, who taught me Sejarah and BM, named Cik Sri Devi, who was very kind to me when I needed help.

7.Pastor Stanley Lai who was a like a father to me.He always hug me when he comes to preach in my church and he was kind to me.

8.Pastor Eddie Tan who answers my call and sms when I needed his advice and prayer.He also offered to conduct postmarital counselling for me and shaun.Not many pastors does that.

9.Pastor Lim Hang Tang who helped me during my car accident.

10.Leong Kwai Chee, who prayed a lot for me when I am not feeling well.Thankyou so much for your concern.

11. My sis in law Gobby who always buy me gifts for my b'day.

12.My violin teacher, Prody who was so patient with me although I always skip class

13.My cousin Magdalene Koh who helped me get 2 second hand beading books from Singapore for a very good price.

14.My coursemate Melisa Ng who was nice to me and was thoughtful.

15.Hong Pik Tze, who gave me the book " The four seasons of marriage" as my wedding gift.

16.My dear junior Teh Jun Bin who gave me some good advise he has learnt at some motivation classes.

17.Jessie Chua who fetched me to work last time as Ernst and Young.

18.Emma Tang who lent me her original Guzheng book and was such a friendly girl

19.Shieh Yi Xin who recommended me some jobs to do.I will always remember the good times we had in Uni.

20.Yeo Hock Chai who helped me with my uni korean exam.without him, I would not have passed my korean test.Kamsahamnida!

21.Dr Chong Yew Yoong, who was my thesis advisor at Uni.He was so encouraging and humble and sacrifice his lunch time to discuss with me.You are the lecturer who made the greatest impact in my life.

22.A malay classmate during form 6 named Shahiratul Azmin.She was very nice to me but too bad we totally lost contact.I wish to see her again.

23.Mun Pit Wai and Yow Veng Wai, who were my 2 very best friends who migrated to overseas to study and work.You have made my life so wonderful.

24.Wong Kit ying who visited me when I had dengue fever.

25.Miss Moey Yoke Lai who taught me Bible knowledge and as a result I scored A1 in my SPM.

26.Jonathan Loo was a wonderful prayer warrior.I always sms him to pray for me when I needed help.

27.My cousin Isaac Koh who invited me to his graduation prom and he offered to pay half for me.

28.My aunt Fong Peck Wan who bought me lunch when I had fever and could not drive to buy food.

29.My uncle James Wong and Joy chen who bring me out for nice dinner during my b'days when I  was young.We Went to eat at "The Ship" , and itallian food with my oth cousins.Pure fun!

30.My cousin Angelyn Wong who gave me a card and gift for my b'day this year.Her gift made my day.

31.Joyce Tan was a good listener during uni days and my accompanist for uni vocal exam.

32. Bernard Lee who was such a good salesman who served me very well when I buy beading supplies at the wholesaler.

33.Mrs Lim Hean Hwa who was such a wonderful BM teacher during form 6.

34. Seow Choon Hui who bought me 100 plus when I was thirsty in merentas desa.He also initiated to say hi to me.Now, we are still in contact.

35.Mr Wong, who repaired my violin for me for free.

36.Ms Yim Soi Chee, who got my bow rehaired for a good price.She took the trouble to always provide me good services although she is so busy.

37.Thean Kim Pin who helped to pass items to me.I always buy books and accesories through her.

38.My aunt Eunice Fung and Uncle Allan who took me out to nice dinner at Victoria Station on my 13th b'day.

29.My Aunt Johanna Fong who also took me out to nice dinner with uncle Eddie Lee during my b'day.I wil always remember the sushi king we ate and the Piccolo Mondo lasagne and ice blended mocha.Haha...And also the wonderful korean food, the OX tongue! I just ate ox tongue today, and I will always love ox tongue becoz you introduced it to me...

30.A very handsome british examiner named Dr Stephen when I was taking my gd 8 piano exam.He was such a gentleman and he opened the door for me when my exam was over.I got a merit.

31.My beautiful and sexy boss Shervon who is so gentle and kind to me and give me good advice.She gave birth to 2 children but still maintains a stunning figure and great fashion sense.

32.My boss Ms Tan who always pay my salary on time.She is one of the best boss I ever had.

33. Helen Lim Lay Kuan who recently gave me delicious macadamia nut chocolate from australia and offer to buy some more flavors for me. FYI, shaun and I fight over the chocolate.We can't resist eating it when we see it. haha...

34.Sister Loh Chui Gor who was the ex-youth advisor in my church.She gave me some advice and help me a lot.I wish she will come back to church with her husband uncle Richard Young.

35.Mrs Julie Yap, my maths and CF teacher who prayed for me when I am not feeling well.

36.Wong Tze Chi and Ng Guan Wen, 2 seniors who are so kind to me when I was in form 6 .Now they are practising doctors, waiting to earn big bucks.

37.Puan Chong Moy Yoong, a very nice Pengajian Am teacher in form 6.

38.Puan Goh Hwee Hong, a pretty Pengajian Perniagaan teacher in form 6.

39.Cikgu Nor Azman, my favourite BM tuition teacher at Pusat Tusyen Martin.You made BM and sejarah so interesting! You inspired me to draw comics about you.

40.Mr Kung, the most fantastic Modern maths teacher at Pusat tusyen Martin.Handsome, big sized and sweat a lot, very funny.By attending your class, I dun need to pay attention in school and still can score A1 For maths.

41.Puan Faezah, my Form 4 and Form 5 BM teacher who was concerned about my progress.She adds me in FACEBOOK and wished me happy b'day recently.

42.Chor Mun Fei, who lend me his 10k Violin to play for my composing exam in uni.Thanks to you, I scored A minus for  the subject.I loved your violin, and it inspired me to buy a nice violin for myself too, which I did.Congrats on your masters studies in Springfield, USA. I bet you forget that such event happened and I remember it.

43..And lastly, the salesman who sold me this book(LOVE AS A WAY OF LIFE) at Salvation bookstore.Thankyou for recommending this wonderful book.May God bless you!

And my mum and younger bro and my darling Shaun, who has been kind to me so many times that I lost count and its not possible to post here.I love you guys very much and will continue to strife to learn to speak your love language.

I might have many other names which I have forgotten. Its 4.11 am now, gotta sleep.Got class tmr morn.I spent 2 hours compiling this long list of kindness.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

creative side and about my grandmother

I guess I inherited my interest in music from my mum and art and craft from my paternal grandmother.She was an avid sewer when she was younger, around 20 years ago.She used to make dresses, blankets, pants for me, curtains for the house etc.She was very smart and very good in doing business.Last time, she also sells vegetables at central market and earns quite a lot.She's 87 this year and her memory is losing.What do you expect?My relative's mum in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer at the age of 65! My grandmother is considered very lucky now.She can still walk around, but of course she gets tired very easily.She is currently living in flats, the 4th floor and there is no lift.She walks up and down almost everyday.Even those young salesman who climb the stairs to her house pant when they reach the top.
oh yes, I remember, when I was form 3 and doing sewing coursework for my kemahiran hidup test, we need to sew a baju Kedah.My grandmother helped me to sew and I passed the test! Suddenly I felt inspired to taking sewing classes! I started googling for the price of sewing machines in the internet.I would love to make my cheongsam one day, if time permits, and bags and evening gowns.Wow, being creative is endless.There are so many things to learn, yet so little time.I wish I don't need to work so hard in my fulltime job now so I have more time to be in tune with my creative side.Anyone can recommend me where to learn the art of making cheongsam from a sifu?Affordable fees anywhere?Ok, my location is in Kuala Lumpur.Hence I would prefer Klang valley area.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bridal Vines Set

This Bridal Vine set of 3 normally retails at RM400. Fret not, you only pay RM280 for the whole set, FREE delivery and big gift box included!

Bridal Jewellery Designs

I saw this design selling for 35 USD, after converted to Ringgit Malaysia, costs around RM105. In crystalsparadize, we custom make glamorous and unique jewellery at the fraction of the price. You only pay RM48 for this delightful handmade design and free delivery is included!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Pretty flowers

From top left, top right and bottom:Turquoise flower RM4, Pink organza flower RM4, Purple hairclip RM15

All the Pretty little thingies

Look at the variety of pretties made by satin ribbon, organza ribbon and PVC ribbon! Aren't they pretty?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Valentine Dinner

I cooked this for my darling husband during Valentine's Day dinner.Yummy!

Me at a wedding

Do you miss me?This photo was taken at my church member's wedding at Federal Hotel
I was honored to be their wedding pianist.I purposely bought a full length red gown for this wedding, haha!

Purple Gift Set

RM25 for the whole set!
includes Purple paper gift bag, purple hairclip, pink envelope and pink glitter gift box.

Three little Lovelies

Aren't these 3 handmade items lovely?Specially designed by crystalsparadize and unique!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mum and baby

My mum and my cute little niece