Friday, June 3, 2011

Obsessed about skincare and haircare

Bought from Guardian pharmacy

My Beauty Diary masks mixture set

A total of 17 masks of different flavors

They have very nice packaging

Foldable long champ bag

This bag is waterproof and is in Fuchsia color

Dream of Red Mansions movie and Sailormoon animation complete collection

Guardian Brand Pomegranate body butter, smells delicious

Keratase hair mask 500ml

Recently I was quite obsessed about my skin and hair.Bought many products with the intention of improving my skin and also dry hair.

I Bought 2 boxes of My Beauty Diary mask, one is White rose mask and the other box is a mixture of 17 masks.So far, I have tried 3 types of mask and I find it rather hydrating, might do a review if I am free later.I was tempted to buy the masks online but scared that I will end up puchasing fake masks.

I also bought the complete Sailormoon DVD from Speedy video for RM99.90.FYI, when I was about std 5 or 6, I was pretty obssessed with Sailormoon.I even bought a few comic books about sailormoon.

I bought a keratase hair mask from my church fren who sells wholesale haircare products and also a hair steamer.

I just received my dark pink(Fuchsia) Longchamp Le Pliage bag long handle medium size few days ago and loving it coz it can fit many items.The best thing is you can carry this bag anywhere because the design is simple and can fit many stuffs, which is ideal for shopping or travelling