Friday, January 29, 2010

6 facts about me

1.I Adore branded bags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Carlo Rino

2.I have the crave to online everyday unless I go overseas, which I have no choice

3.I am a rather generous person but DON'T think of taking advantage of me

4.I am into movies like The notebook, Twilight, Phantom of the Opera, Oliver Twist

5.I haven't learn to cook yet since I get married, but will slowly learn the art from my sifu mother who is a passionate cook.

6.I Believe that whatever bad things you have done will come back and haunt you, so Do unto others what you want others to do unto you, Yes, I am a christian.

This is a short update but anyway its still an update.For those readers who had submitted their entries, A big thankyou for your support.You will receive your mystery gift after the results have been announced.But one thing I need to make clear here, Those who won the Grand Prize or Consolation prize will not be getting the mystery gift even they are the 10 earliest to send in their entry.Hence, more people will have a chance to win something.So, there is like 15 prizes to be won. FYI, I have not yet receive more than 10 entries, so take iniative to send your entries fast, at least u will still get the mystery gift (winks).

Pretty Rose hair accesories for sale!!!

A lovely variety of pretty Roses.
Jazz up your hair for a date or a casual outing.Looks sweet yet not over the top.

Price:RM4 for one
RM6 For 2
RM10 for 4
(Price not including postage)

Pretty Rose 1 (Rapunzel Rose)

Pretty Rose 2 (Charming Rose)

pretty Rose 3 (Lilac Rose)

Pretty Rose 4 (Pink Rose)

Pretty Rose 5 (Dandelion Rose)

Pretty Rose 6 (Black Diamond Rose)

Pretty Rose 7 (Bouganvilla Rose)

Pretty Rose 8 (Sweet yet Innocent Rose)

Pretty Rose 9 (Aurora's Red Rose)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A just Married Couple's Entry

Allison and Ken
Just married last year:)


Hi Mei Sann,

Herewith i attached a photo of my pre-wedding. We just got married half a year ago.
This year will be our FIRST "Married-Valentine's Day". And coincidentally it falls on the FIRST day of Chinese New Year. What a meaningful day in such a remarkable way!!! Of course we would do enjoy giving out angpaos on the day. To us, this coming Valentine's Day would be very much rmeaningful. And it is our pleasure and for us to treasure in sharing all meaningful days in future and many many years to come. Also wish to tell my hubby: "Ken, I love you forever".

Testimonial to Crystal Paradize:
Browsing thru the blog, I really feel amazed on the creation made. They are unique and special that we do not find the pieces elsewhere in the market. One good thing is, the products are sold at very affordable prices. I have ordered from 3 pendants, really cannot wait for the goods to reach my doorstep. If possible, I would like to meet with you in person so that I'm able to get the goods immediately and wear them on. Your service is so good and professional. You even offered me to help repair my broken bracelet which I wasn't bought from you. Frankly, I'm very touched on this. Thank you very much for the good deed. I wish you good business networking on the coming fruitful year.

Allison Chih ML.

Sweet Boyfriend's Purchase and Contest Entry

Darren and Michelle

Darren came to know my blog through . I used to sell my products on before creating this blog.He is planning to search for some gifts for his gf for this coming valentine and he saw my thread.He had placed an order of 2 couple set angel of love(with chain) in white color and Bermuda blue and a pair of white heartshaped earrings.He also designed some couple T-shirts specially for his dear Michelle.
So, Darren, I sincerely wish you good luck in this contest.He is my 5th contestant BTW:)

Another Contestant's profile

HERE IS LYDIA TONG'S TESTIMONIAL, another VIP customer of mine,who bought from me 3 times.

Her Testimonial:

Finally after a few of your contests, I managed to join this one as im not good in really expressing myself. I might not be Mei Sann's first customer but I really do love her Swarovskies. I bought Glamorous Diva from her last year, customized my mobile phone strap with my name & even customized an anklet which i LOVE most :) LOL, i remember the first time when I tried explaining to her and showing her some samples even drawing on it for her to visualize.. Then at one moment she got the hang of what I wanted and how I wanted it.. The next time I just needed to explain and show her a sample of what i exactly wanted. We've seen loads of crystals like hers online, but somehow i can tell that those are not the exact crystals im looking for. Somehow it's not as shiny as hers, not as genuine as my own opinion. Or maybe i just cant find what my budget and liking really is! In conclusion, I've only bought swarovskies from Mei Sann since last year. Hope to grab more..! Well, the pictures which I had posted up here was taken last year in the car with my bf on a super rainy day.(1st pict) (2nd pict was when we attended someone's wedding together) We were actually otw to college but as usual there were no parking available, we had to park at the housing area. We didnt even have an umbrella, so we just sat in the car and I took that shot of us. Until now that is my most fav picture of all..I can provide you many but actually one pict says it all. I missed those times when we had those kinda precious time together. However, it's not forever huh.. We're grown ups now, busy with work and stuff. I hope this coming Valentine's Day would be special for the both of us and things would go smoothly :) Especially when CNY around the corner, and me getting rich just for that moment of the year! LOL!!

Thanks for you lovely Testimonial Lydia, and hope to serve you again.Good luck in your contest.
Mutiple entries can be sent in, but only the best will be counted:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First entry for my Valentine's Special Contest with pic

Melisa and her Boyfriend Michael
(Melisa is a STAR online writer and my VIP customer)

Here is her testimonial about my products:

Testimonial : I love the stuff Mei Sann makes. It's original, it's creative and most of all i love the bling bling that her crystals give.. some crystals i see on the street or in shops, they are not as shiny as the ones she has.. as most of my close frenz know, I LOVE BLINGS! anything shiny attracts my eye.. also if you purchase an item from her, she will give good customer service. Don't worry if your products spoil after a while, as she will fix it up for a small cost ( sometimes if it doesn't need much work she will do it FOC! ) No regrets getting from her all my cyrstals.. i bought from her quite a lot actually.. more than 8 angels.. which i deemed are LOVE angels.. cuz when i gave one to my best fren who at that time was having love problems, she managed to find her current bf who loves her alot 3 months later! haha.. but well that's my believe. So i Have had no regrets... Thanks mei sann..

THANKYOU SO MUCH for your lovely testimonial , Melisa and thanks for joining this Valentine's Special contest.FYI, she is the first contestant and her mystery gift is guaranteed:)

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, JOIN THIS CONTEST!The next 9 entries will get free mystery gift too apart frm Melisa.Good luck readers:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Contest for Valentine's Day:See pics for prizes

Green Envy Anklet worth RM30

four 10mm heartshaped pendants worth RM7 each

A pair of 10mm Heartshaped earrings worth RM13

Last but not least, a starfish charm necklace Worth RM20

In total, the grand prize winner will walk away with prizes worth RM63 and free delivery of those items(using pos express)


I am having another contest here.Since CNY and valentine's day is coming soon.I am going to give out some freebies!How to win, very easy.Just post a pic of you and your partner/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend together in a creative way or lovey dovey mood.The first 10 contestants will receive a mystery gift send to their doorstep.The grand prize is Winning a RM20 starfish charm Necklace, plus, a pair of 10mm heartshaped earrings and green envy anklet(or you can choose oth colors). have also have 4 consolation prizes:a 10mm heartshaped pendant each to be given away.Deadline is 13 Feb 2010 midnite.Come and send your entries to my email at

Where to buy cheap DVDs and "The Notebook"

Two days ago, I watched "The Notebook" at the comfort of my home.I had bought it from Bali, Kuta area.Near my hotel at Aston, a 4 star hotel. Among the movies I bought were Avatar, Ups and He's just not that into you.The price is Around RM4 per DVD, half the price in Malaysia.Somemore, they have this offer, Buy 5 free 2, Buy 10 free 6(Very worth it!) So, ppl go bali and buy lots of DVDS!Hehe...
The notebook is a really touching story I almost cried.It was true love and enduring love shown.I recommend this movie to all couples or singles looking for love.The character "Allie" is a very beautiful young woman, played by Rachel Mcadams and "Noah" by Ryan Gosling.Watch it yourself and you will give two thumbs up. Good acting acompanied by great story line, this is what makes this romantic movie worth watching.For those readers who have watched it, do leave a comment of what you think of it.I'll be happy to hear review from others too. I myself is a romantic person.Everyone needs love.In fact,we would die without love.E.g:If your parents don't love you and mistreat you, you will feel like life is not worth living.In short, love makes the world go round.

Back from Bali Trip * (Updated)

This explains why I am MIA for the past week.
First ever trip with Shaun Overseas
In the Air Asia plane

I did my make up while boarding the plane.
An indian lady behind me said my make up look nice and ask me whether I am going to sing tonite.Haha...She also says I look like a chinese actress.Sorry, I dont mean to be "Perasan" here. It really came out frm her mouth...
Arrived at Denpasar airport, Bali, we got flower necklace(dunno call wat)

At Uluwatu temple -600 years old, nice view

Lovely sunset at Jimbaran, we had seafood at the beach, there was a bride taking prewedding photos.

Balinese dancers at Jimbaran beach

Silver carving

wood carving

Babi Guling(Taste like crap) but in Malaysia tasted much better.
Equivalent to the Chinese Dinner's Roast suckling pig

With Alit the Balinese tour guide

Forgot wat temple edi

A Halter dress I bought frm Bali.Too short for me, tot of selling it off.Who wants to buy?Can leave me a comment.

At turtle island holding a turtle, it was heavy!!!!!

Is that a hornbill?I am not sure...

Got my hair plaited at the beach for 100,000 Rupiah, Equivalent to RM38.

Enjoying the blissful paradise island

At Tanah Lot, a Must visit place to watch beautiful sunset.

The Sunset

Me and the Sunset

Overall, Bali is a nice place to visit, especially the view which is breathtaking.The culture there is rich as well.The people there are friendly, and it is safe to go out jalan-jalan at nite coz there are no crimes.But in KL, if you walk alone at nite on the street, you are in danger of snatch thief and robbers.We bought 17 packets of garlic peanuts to be distributed to relatives and some small souvenirs too.The key in buying souvenirs is to bargain half the price the they offer or lower.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Special ORDER from Shanti, a church member who wants to match it
with her green saree for a dinner.She looked under the sun and says "whoa, its shining and sparkly!"

Little Green India
Available for remake for only RM13,
also available in blue, red, amethyst purple and light brown upon request.
It is made of Czech glass beads, specially imported, good quality and the
color won't come off, shiny as well, price almost same as the swarovski crystals.

Customised for my VIP customer Lydia

A very dainty and lovely anklet but sadly the photos does not do it justice, rite Lydia?

I tried the anklet myself and went whoa!Really, no jokes.
Price: RM30 for the Anklet (no exact remakes)
U can choose your fave colors no prob:)
RM20 for the Starfish hp strap

Closer look at the anklet and starfish hp strap, again the photo did no justice to the real item.Gotta get a better camera.

How I met my Husband-Love story

Due to readers request, I have decided to continue my story.

When I was 20 years old, I entered University Malaya to study music.I was thinking, I might get a boyfriend there and meet my future husband. I had some admirers, but there was no "Bunga" in the end.I told myself, I am 20 now, I will get a boyfriend, then we will date for 7 years, then I will get married.But I was wrong, I never imagine I would get married at 23. God's plans always amazes us.

So, while I was at Jacky Cheung's concert, I never expected to meet the love of my life.I was rather stressed that day.Luckily I had a concert to lighten my mood.Oh ya, I remember I was promoting my handmade jewellery to my coursemates during the day's class. Got some orders, mine you....I even sell my jewellery to my lecturer.haha...My lecturer labelled me as "sales girl".Ya rite, I was a former telesales executive at Wisma selangor Dredging near KLCC, selling insurance through phone, but the job lasted only a month and half cause it was so stressful to hit target.
Haha, before I forget, I also promote my handmade stuff there(selangor dredging), sold like hot cakes, got so many orders though I work there for a short period.Therefore, readers,you can trust my skills in worries to buy from me.My boss buy from me too.She custom make an anklet frm me and then she told her subordinates that I got promotion.thanks to her, many of my colleagues started buying frm me.Then I also got a chance to work in Ernst and Young as a part time clerk during my uni 2 months break.I made some sales there too. Sorry bout the selling story.You see, I have come a long way before starting this blog, since I am 9 years old, to be precise when I started making my own jewellery.Will continue my life story and love story later.Good nite!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I end up getting married and my first time...

Some readers must be wanting to know how I got married so fast.I met my husband in a very unusual way, that not many people might have such encounter.While couples met during university, college, at work, at party, I met mine at a concert.Guess what concert.I attend concerts in MPO, KLCC during university time.I go to Istana Budaya to watch concert.Not that type of classical or theatre concert, mind you.I was a music student.During my 2nd year, after attending my lecture for methodology(a course to prepare you to write thesis) I went back home to rest.I was going to attend my virgin concert that night with my brother.I bought the tickets 2 months ago, after reading the article in the STAR newspaper.Jacky Cheung is coming to Bukit Jalil for his Year of Jacky Cheung world tour.I was inspired by my best friend to like Jacky Cheung.She introduced me a song entitled "Forever love"(oi shi weng hang).That time, I was studying my form 6 at MBSSKL.She showed me the lyrics...TO BE CONTINUED upon request...If you would like to know more bout the full story, leave a comment at my enquiry box.I have not decided whether to continue my story because it is rather personal...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Some photos from my Wedding lunch at Segamat and Gemas

My 4 cousins yam seng

Uncle Brian and Aunty Jenny frm UK

Tea Ceremony at Gemas

At Gemas Hotel

Aunt Lisa and Uncle James frm USA

Group photo with my mum's family

Champagne time!I wish I could drink more of it....It was blue, matches my gown!

with husband's relatives

With mum and dad in law.Mum in law looks great with her handsewn cheongsam.I did a simple makeup for her