Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First entry for my Valentine's Special Contest with pic

Melisa and her Boyfriend Michael
(Melisa is a STAR online writer and my VIP customer)

Here is her testimonial about my products:

Testimonial : I love the stuff Mei Sann makes. It's original, it's creative and most of all i love the bling bling that her crystals give.. some crystals i see on the street or in shops, they are not as shiny as the ones she has.. as most of my close frenz know, I LOVE BLINGS! anything shiny attracts my eye.. also if you purchase an item from her, she will give good customer service. Don't worry if your products spoil after a while, as she will fix it up for a small cost ( sometimes if it doesn't need much work she will do it FOC! ) No regrets getting from her all my cyrstals.. i bought from her quite a lot actually.. more than 8 angels.. which i deemed are LOVE angels.. cuz when i gave one to my best fren who at that time was having love problems, she managed to find her current bf who loves her alot 3 months later! haha.. but well that's my believe. So i Have had no regrets... Thanks mei sann..

THANKYOU SO MUCH for your lovely testimonial , Melisa and thanks for joining this Valentine's Special contest.FYI, she is the first contestant and her mystery gift is guaranteed:)

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, JOIN THIS CONTEST!The next 9 entries will get free mystery gift too apart frm Melisa.Good luck readers:)

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