Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Contestant's profile

HERE IS LYDIA TONG'S TESTIMONIAL, another VIP customer of mine,who bought from me 3 times.

Her Testimonial:

Finally after a few of your contests, I managed to join this one as im not good in really expressing myself. I might not be Mei Sann's first customer but I really do love her Swarovskies. I bought Glamorous Diva from her last year, customized my mobile phone strap with my name & even customized an anklet which i LOVE most :) LOL, i remember the first time when I tried explaining to her and showing her some samples even drawing on it for her to visualize.. Then at one moment she got the hang of what I wanted and how I wanted it.. The next time I just needed to explain and show her a sample of what i exactly wanted. We've seen loads of crystals like hers online, but somehow i can tell that those are not the exact crystals im looking for. Somehow it's not as shiny as hers, not as genuine as my own opinion. Or maybe i just cant find what my budget and liking really is! In conclusion, I've only bought swarovskies from Mei Sann since last year. Hope to grab more..! Well, the pictures which I had posted up here was taken last year in the car with my bf on a super rainy day.(1st pict) (2nd pict was when we attended someone's wedding together) We were actually otw to college but as usual there were no parking available, we had to park at the housing area. We didnt even have an umbrella, so we just sat in the car and I took that shot of us. Until now that is my most fav picture of all..I can provide you many but actually one pict says it all. I missed those times when we had those kinda precious time together. However, it's not forever huh.. We're grown ups now, busy with work and stuff. I hope this coming Valentine's Day would be special for the both of us and things would go smoothly :) Especially when CNY around the corner, and me getting rich just for that moment of the year! LOL!!

Thanks for you lovely Testimonial Lydia, and hope to serve you again.Good luck in your contest.
Mutiple entries can be sent in, but only the best will be counted:)

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