Sunday, January 17, 2010


Special ORDER from Shanti, a church member who wants to match it
with her green saree for a dinner.She looked under the sun and says "whoa, its shining and sparkly!"

Little Green India
Available for remake for only RM13,
also available in blue, red, amethyst purple and light brown upon request.
It is made of Czech glass beads, specially imported, good quality and the
color won't come off, shiny as well, price almost same as the swarovski crystals.

Customised for my VIP customer Lydia

A very dainty and lovely anklet but sadly the photos does not do it justice, rite Lydia?

I tried the anklet myself and went whoa!Really, no jokes.
Price: RM30 for the Anklet (no exact remakes)
U can choose your fave colors no prob:)
RM20 for the Starfish hp strap

Closer look at the anklet and starfish hp strap, again the photo did no justice to the real item.Gotta get a better camera.

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