Sunday, January 17, 2010

How I met my Husband-Love story

Due to readers request, I have decided to continue my story.

When I was 20 years old, I entered University Malaya to study music.I was thinking, I might get a boyfriend there and meet my future husband. I had some admirers, but there was no "Bunga" in the end.I told myself, I am 20 now, I will get a boyfriend, then we will date for 7 years, then I will get married.But I was wrong, I never imagine I would get married at 23. God's plans always amazes us.

So, while I was at Jacky Cheung's concert, I never expected to meet the love of my life.I was rather stressed that day.Luckily I had a concert to lighten my mood.Oh ya, I remember I was promoting my handmade jewellery to my coursemates during the day's class. Got some orders, mine you....I even sell my jewellery to my lecturer.haha...My lecturer labelled me as "sales girl".Ya rite, I was a former telesales executive at Wisma selangor Dredging near KLCC, selling insurance through phone, but the job lasted only a month and half cause it was so stressful to hit target.
Haha, before I forget, I also promote my handmade stuff there(selangor dredging), sold like hot cakes, got so many orders though I work there for a short period.Therefore, readers,you can trust my skills in worries to buy from me.My boss buy from me too.She custom make an anklet frm me and then she told her subordinates that I got promotion.thanks to her, many of my colleagues started buying frm me.Then I also got a chance to work in Ernst and Young as a part time clerk during my uni 2 months break.I made some sales there too. Sorry bout the selling story.You see, I have come a long way before starting this blog, since I am 9 years old, to be precise when I started making my own jewellery.Will continue my life story and love story later.Good nite!

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