Monday, January 25, 2010

Back from Bali Trip * (Updated)

This explains why I am MIA for the past week.
First ever trip with Shaun Overseas
In the Air Asia plane

I did my make up while boarding the plane.
An indian lady behind me said my make up look nice and ask me whether I am going to sing tonite.Haha...She also says I look like a chinese actress.Sorry, I dont mean to be "Perasan" here. It really came out frm her mouth...
Arrived at Denpasar airport, Bali, we got flower necklace(dunno call wat)

At Uluwatu temple -600 years old, nice view

Lovely sunset at Jimbaran, we had seafood at the beach, there was a bride taking prewedding photos.

Balinese dancers at Jimbaran beach

Silver carving

wood carving

Babi Guling(Taste like crap) but in Malaysia tasted much better.
Equivalent to the Chinese Dinner's Roast suckling pig

With Alit the Balinese tour guide

Forgot wat temple edi

A Halter dress I bought frm Bali.Too short for me, tot of selling it off.Who wants to buy?Can leave me a comment.

At turtle island holding a turtle, it was heavy!!!!!

Is that a hornbill?I am not sure...

Got my hair plaited at the beach for 100,000 Rupiah, Equivalent to RM38.

Enjoying the blissful paradise island

At Tanah Lot, a Must visit place to watch beautiful sunset.

The Sunset

Me and the Sunset

Overall, Bali is a nice place to visit, especially the view which is breathtaking.The culture there is rich as well.The people there are friendly, and it is safe to go out jalan-jalan at nite coz there are no crimes.But in KL, if you walk alone at nite on the street, you are in danger of snatch thief and robbers.We bought 17 packets of garlic peanuts to be distributed to relatives and some small souvenirs too.The key in buying souvenirs is to bargain half the price the they offer or lower.

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