Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bling Bling Bookmarks

These Bookmarks are perfect gifts for booklovers that loves bling.
You may carry it in your fave revision book to the library.When your crush pass by, he sees something shiny at your book, it will make him notice!!!!

Let the starfish charm bookmark bring out the diva personality in you.
You love to outshine others don't you?You little starlet.

Perfect for your bible if you are a christian.Enough said.

See how blingy it is. I fell in love it instantly.

Don't get lost in the last page u read , again!!!Our brains can't possibly remember every single page we read.That is why we need bookmarks, for goodness sake.

When you wish upon a star...Who knows your wishes might be fufilled?

PRICE: Starfish Bookmark RM20(Free gift box)
Cross boomark RM24 (Free gift box)

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