Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Contest updates

Been Busy these days!The birthday contest is finally annouced!These are the prizes you get to win :


2 movie passes to watch your favourite movie at GSC

1x RM10 starbucks voucher
Free hp hanger with your name

4x Consolation prizes
4 winners will get RM10 starbucks vo
ucher each

First 50 entries will get a mystery gift(not applicable to grand prize and consolation prize winners)

55 prizes to be won in total!:)

How to join the contest:(*Updated term
1.Add me in facebook, Profile name:Crystals Paradize
2.Buy any product from my blog.As low as RM1(the colorful hair wires)

3. Answer 4 simple questions:
a)When is my birthday?
b)How old am I this year?
c) What is my significant other's name?(Just English name will do)
(All Answers can be found in my blog*)
d)Name the product you love most from my blog and state your reason(s)
(e.g. I love the angel of love the most because the design is so cute)

5.Email me your name, the 4 answers and house address(so I can send you d prizes)
Send your email to crystalsparadize@gmail.com

And Voila, you get to win those fabulous prizes above! :)

Closing date is 17 April 2010, Winners will be announced on 19 April thru email and posted on blog.Have a nice day and don't forget to recommend your frens to join too! For every friend you recommend, I will credit RM0.10 into your Maybank acc provided they state that in their email.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gathering with Friends at Chillies

Group photo, 15 of us came for the gathering

Me with Boon Hui and Mun Fei(the couple)

With RachelYiing Sing and Sze Ying

Huey Ching who got scholarship to study composition in Japan for 2-4 years and leaving today(WOW)

L-R:Me, Emma, Carol and Li Shan

Special thanks to Melisa Ng for organising this gathering at Chillies 1 utama. I am sure everyone had a great time catching up after some time:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flea market at my church's area park

Hi, I know that some readers would like to meet me in person.Here's the chance.I will be selling my crystals accesories, and second hand shoes and bags in excellent condition.There will be a garage sale.


My cousins from Hazel Mazel would also be clearing their stock at very cheap price.They are selling nice apparels.Furthermore, all outsiders are welcome to join the telematch organised by my church.There will be Attractive hampers to be won for the the telematch. The address is Jalan Paoh/Jalan Gajus, Off Jalan Loke Yew, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.It is near Tsun Jin High school and dewan bahasa and pustaka.There is a bridge, and near Hung Kee restaurant.
These events are held in conjunction with Easter celebration.All proceeds of sales will be given to the church building fund.My church is a small church with about 100 over members, need to upgrade our facilities and maybe buy new instruments for the church.As I am literature director, I am in charge of handling the church's books and CDS and magazines.We plan to raise fund to buy more books to encourage and uphold our christian life.I hope you can support us.
If you can't make it to the flea market, at least support my products online.FYI, we christian gives 10% of our income to God for his blessing upon us.So, if my sales increase, I am able to offer more and more can be done for the church:Repairs, maintainence, events, social work.
My church are also helping out the Burmese ppl around our area.They are poor people.Sometimes we help them out by buying them rice.Love makes the world goes round.So, don't be afraid to support my handmade products.It's also for the purpose of charity:) Thanks a lot for reading this post...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby pictures!

Her name is Grace Lim, my good friend's baby
Photo taken when she is 5 days old.So much hair rite!Wendy says the hair is like father.

The way she yawns is just so cute!

I just love babies!They make me smile....Can't wait to have one too:)

Wendy, if you happen to read this blog, I wanna tell you that I am so happy for you that you have a good and loving husband, and a also a lovely daughter.May this baby continue to bring you happiness all the days of your life:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby post!

Recently, I found out my good friend just gave birth to a baby girl.I saw the pictures, the baby very cute and looks like her mother.This friend of mine joined my valentine's special contest
before and they just got married last year.Their Prewedding photo won consolation prize.

The lovely couple: Max and Wendy

Will add the photo of the cute baby later if I get the permission from the parents:)

I wonder what is the name of the baby?Got English name or not?Haha...Nowadays parents give their children very beautiful names like Sara, Shaina, Tiara, Laveena.Last time, the parents give not nice names to their children like Phoon Ah Moi, Lim Lian Moi.For guys they have Wong Ah Kow, Tan Ah Seng.Haha...
FYI, Phoon Ah Moi is my greatgrandma's name.She passed away when I was 9. Wong Ah Kow is my grandfather's name, also passed away when I was very young due to heart attack.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MY Birthday Contest Again

So, you are considering not to join the contest becoz you need to spend at least RM1 to buy my products rite.Fret not, for every friend you recommend to join my contest, I will deposit RM0.10 to your Bank Acc, must be Maybank of course, or else RM2 charges will apply.Let say you recommend 10 friends to join my contest, then u get free participation.For those who does not have Maybank acc, all you need to do is recommend more frens to join, 30 friends, then u can get free participation:) Or, if you have any frens or relatives who has Maybank acc, borrow they acc first and u ask ur money frm them, so easy rite.Let's say you recommend 100 Friends to join my contest, then you earn RM10!Its a gain rite?

Reasons WHY you should join my contest:
1.You get to win fabulous prizes
2.You get to earn money by recommending friends to join
3.Its free in a way if you put in the extra effort;)
4.All participants gets a free mystery gift:)

Will update bout the exact prizes you will win later.Sure will be wonderful prizes you will loveeeee for sure.

See my previous post on how to join my contest k.Have a nice day


I am a person that values birthdays very much as I said earlier.Hence on my upcoming birthday on 17 April.I am turning 2x years old. In conjuction with my birthday, I am having a big contest, believe me, my contests are getting bigger and better each time:) Did I mention free movie passes to GSC? Free products!Free food vouchers!Yup freebies to be grab.I will have lots of prizes to give away.All participants will also receive a mystery gift.

So, what's up this time?How to win the marvelous freebies?
1.Click on my nuffnang ads once for every new campaign you see.Just click first
2.Follow my blog for at least 3 months
3.Follow me on twitter for 3 months
4.Add me in Facebook, my profile name is Crystals Paradize
5.Recommend at least one friend to add me in facebook
5.Answer some simple questions about me, like when is my birthday, How old I am etc, read my blog and you will get all the answers.
6.Recommend me what to buy for my birthday, something affordable and nice, state that in your email.Be as creative as possible( u can start thinking now no prob)
7.Buy any product from my blog at any amount.The cheapest thing in my blog is the hair wires for RM1 for 2.Lots of them available, don't worry! Only RM1, it's like u buy a packet of sweets. The purchase period starts from now (March 19 2010)till 17 Apr.Winners will be announced on 19 Apr. I will update later more about the contest, in case you are wondering what are the exact prizes you will get.

What are you waiting for?Follow my blog and twitter to get more updates on the contest...

The Love Dare-Tips on How to have a good marriage!

I received a gift from my pastor and wife for my wedding.It is a booklet(pic above) entitled "The Love Dare".Everyday for 365 days there is a challenge writing there.So, on this particular day, it goes Love is Not Rude:Good manners express to your wife or husband, "I value you enough to exercise some self-control around you.I want to be a person who's a pleasure to be with;"
Last night I could not sleep and spent the 1 hour reading the whole booklet of "The love Dare". I gained many insight from that booklet.And there was a quote that is the covenant we made on our wedding day.It goes" In sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse." I felt teary while reading that.True love is where you stick to your spouse through thick and thin.Love is just not a feeling, its a choice.The booklet also says that one thing you can make a difference is to pray for your spouse everyday.It encourages us to pray together as one flesh, and let God become the centre of our marriage.From today onwards, I vowed to myself that I will make a point to pray with my husband everyday, even it's just a minute.
Visit this website here for more information on the love dare.

For those married couples or couples going to get married, I will be putting a quote from time to time from the Love dare if possible. Follow my blog to get good advice on how to have a great and blessed marriage.Since the divorce rate is so high nowadays, I am going to do my part in spreading the goodness of marriage.
There is this couple, shaun's good friend which is super loving.The way they hold hands while in the cafe and talk to each other while with us, So sweet, I can melt.They only met for a feel weeks when the guy said to this girl, We are of age(30 plus) if you like me, don't waste our time, let's get married, and they did. While I first known Shaun, this guy was single, about less than a year later, he found "the one" and tie the knot earlier than us. When his wife need to go checkup at the hospital for some minor reasons, this guy took leave just to accompany his wife.So loving indeed......They went honeymoon several times, even more than us.Go Macau, go Hanoi go here go there....So nice....

So far my marriage has been good.Praise God for that. I am also lucky because I have nice parents in law.My mum in law is an understanding woman.My dad in law is also a nice man.They had a hard life when they started courtship and eventually marriage.They were poor at first but through thick and thin, they stayed together and now had a rather comfortable life.This is one good thing that I want to emulate. The way she raise her 5 sons, all of them are very fillial and doing fine in life, have good jobs. Most of Shaun's bros are business minded.3 of his brothers has their business. To be honest, they sort of influence me to continue this hobby turned business of mine.No, they did not give me advice to do my online business, they just inspired me.
Dale Carnegie (Bestselling author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People)said "Find a job that you love and you don't have to work anymore." I am loving this job, seriously.I have a passion in beading and will continue to hone my skills.
I have been a beader for more than 10 years and have acquired many experience.I plan to start jewellery classes.A colleague once asked me whether I teach "Jewellery class".I said I will consider that.She bought several jewellery from me and asked me to help her repair her "trinklets".If there is any readers here who are interested to take classes with me, kindly email me and I can arrange a personal class or group class.The group class should not be too many people. My location is in KL and you will have to come to my house to learn.


Your guy's hero of choice can reveal a lot about this personality.Ask him to pick his all-time fav action guy from the list below and decode his answer!

If he worships SUPERMAN:This usually share the same traits.While you may not need to be saved from a burning building, he'd love if you'd ASK FOR HIS HELP in a mini-crisis like changing a flat tyre!He tends to spread himself thin doing favours for frens or helping others.

If he worships BATMAN:Bruce Wayne drives a cool car, dates supermodels, and is loaded!But Batman AVOIDS GETTING CLOSE to most people so may also have to work a little harder to get your guy to open up.

If he worships:SPIDER-MAN: If your man relates to the webby Hero, chances are HE'S EMOTIONALLY OPEN and always wants to do the right thing.The downside:Just like Spider-Man, he may get so caught up in being responsible, he hardly has time for himself.

If he worships:THE HULK.He is likely to get caught up in feelings and mayhave the occasional outburst.The bright side:You'll NEVER HAVE TO GUESS HOW HE FEELS.If you sense him getting worked up, give him some space until he calms down.

So, ladies, don't forget to ask your guy what is his fave superhero.I did and the answer was Spiderman. At first I thought Shaun would love batman coz he enjoyed the DARK KNIGHT very much.But he told me he don't like batman and superman because they wear their "underwear" outside.lol

Article taken frm CLEO magazine Jan 2010.Support CLEO mag!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Princess Charming returns

Good news.!Princess charming is back again! ONLY RM45(FREE GIFT BOX)
You can customize your colors.One of my bestsellers, and it's making a comeback
Many malay customers love this, even chinese too:)

FANCY Making your name?

Most of us love our names, don't we?

There I am here to custom make your name as a hp hanger/pendrive hanger/bag hanger at a very affordable price!

Only RM2 per letter.Let's say your name is KAREN.Therefore 5 letters will be RM10 ONLY! If you order more than 10 letters, you will get free Pos express!More than 10 letters can be a long name or 2 separate hp hangers, it does not matter:)


Another lovely demure ring named PEARLENE.
Made of 6mm swarovski pearls and 4mm Bicone,its a lovely sight to behold
Perfect for that cream, peach or white dress that you wanna show off!

Can be made to fit your finger. Mail me at crystalsparadize@gmail.com now!
Its YOURS for RM14 Free Gift box!

Going hair-wired!but In colorful way!

Mamma mia! So colorful those hair wires

Available in 13 colors

Looking cool being hair-wired...

Jazz up a simple outfit using hair wires

Its stretchable, won't break as easy as those colorful rubber bands u used to have
Gone are the days of synthetic rubber bands.Hello Wired hair bands, the trendiest hair tie fashion in town.

SELLING AT ONLY 2 FOR RM1, Buy 4 free 1!
Add RM0.50 for normal post!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Most probably I will be having a bazaar this March on Mon at Asia Cafe, Subang Jaya.Come visit us if you are free ya. Frm 10am till 6pm.Will let u guys know when the date is confirmed.Stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poker face

Dear readers, after reading my title , I am sure what u are thinking about.Yup.Poker face by lady Gaga.The song is in my mind now.I know I am so like outdated bout the song.My bro was the one who recommend me the song.He asked me whether any place is selling the score for that.

So, what exactly is a poker face?A face you can't read whether someone has an ACE! Haha...I admit I hooked into playing poker during chinese New Year.It was fun gambling, but I won't gamble too big, just in the name of thrill and fun only. Feel like buying some new make up after reading my fren's blog.I saw cheesie's blog about the Dolly wink fake lashes, like so damn nice wor...So tempted to buy it but I am a noob in putting on fake eyelashes,Gotta ask my fren to teach me how to put,, coz vain mah.... I admit that I am vain can?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

reward points

I will try my best to update the reward points asap.Feel free to check your point at the right sidebar.Remember, if you are recommended by a fren to buy my products, pls let me know, so your fren can earn points too:) Tata.Will update later.stay tuned;)m

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I look like 5 years ago

So, this is how I look like 5 years ago.I was kinda thin.Oh ya, I remember that time I was at a Japanese restaurant in Legend Hotel.The restaurant is called Jentu.Quite nice the food there, mind you. My cousin took the photo for me. This restaurant still exists!Go try their food if you love japanese food.But quite pricey , you have to pay for a nice enviroment and nice foodlah. I love oysters and mussels especially, but I don't like salmon.Just can't stand the taste of it...People say eat jap food dun eat salmon, is such a waste. The white skirt I wore, is a birthday gift from my 3 lovely cousins.Remember my wedding?They became my ji muis.One is studying law, the other 2 are working already. Tell you what, my ji muis very pretty wan oh.One is Miss St John freshie queen, one is ex-headprefect in school(also dating the ex-captain of SMK Victoria Institution ).This miss ex-prefect is also a beauty queen.She became Miss Personality in the Miss VEET contest 2 years back. One more ji mui, she is a art teacher in Ikano, her dressing style very hot wan you know.She got the height of a model and dress like a model and looks like a model.She is also finalist of Miss Veet contest but due to study, she quit.

Two of my cousins posing.Photo taken last year July 2009.Aren't they gorgeous?

Seeking the True Meaning of Love


Love is beautiful as lovers said,
The price which cannot by mammon be paid,
How do I describe it in the best way,
As a sun dawns into a new bright day.
Should I praise it greatness with the best singing?
Or the best poem reciting?
Well, the answer is to seek,
With the true heart of meek,

Seek it with all your heart
And at last you will find.

This poem was written when I was in form 5, 17 years old while in a maths tuition class in a tuition centre. I used to write poems when I am free, even chinese poems.

Here is another poem I wrote regarding someone I knew in the past, where I learn Bible knowledge frm Miss Moey Yoke Lai. Currently she is the CEO of Methodist College.

David, The pastor's Son

David is the true son of Jesse,
But the place that he lives is not grassy,
He is not a shepherd of course,
But his father seeks souls of lost,
Holy is his living,
In his mind church songs he's always singing.

Perhaps seldom grumble,
Always think and use his words wisely,
each word of the bible is pronounced precisely, with clarity.

Life's never flesh-fullfilling.
His examples we must learn,
as toward God's word we must earnestly yearn.

He lives on the fifth floor of Menara wesley,
His neighbour Hannah lives on the sixth floor.
Playing chess is his favourite,
I think maybe his mother's name is Magaret?

Oh, Sorry!Just joking,
Sometimes we are hoping,
That more people will have a character like him,
Not those hyprocrite who seem,
Act holy by putting on a lamb's costume.
Come on, let's sing a tune,
Of Psalms along with the harp,
Playing with our fingernails so sharp.

Add on the tambourine too,
Let the sheep never say MOO!(Only cows say moo)

When some team lose in sport,

So, dear readers, what do you think of my poem written 7 years ago?Got standard or not ?Haha...

Monday, March 8, 2010

why I love CLEO Magazine-win O.P.I Nail lacquers!

Every month I will buy magazines to read such as FEMALE,SEVENTEEN,WOMEN'S WEEKLY and of course CLEO.Not that I buy all of them each month.Maybe I will buy one 2 magazines in a month from those that I mentioned.
This month, I only bought CLEO March issue. You know, there is this movie out entitled "ALICE IN WONDERLAND". Some people said its nice. There is a contest in CLEO mag pg 211. OMG, the prizes are so attractive. I have never win any contest by magazines or newspapers before.But I decided to try my luck just now, just before typing this entry.

By naming the how old is Alice and the director of the movie, you stand chances to win:

5 x First prize
-O.P.I sets which include Basic Double Take Manicure and Pedicure and seven bottles of nail lacquer worth a total of RM490(OMG worth RM490!)
-Alice in Wonderland tee worth RM150
-Alice in Wonderland keychain worth RM50
-Four movie passes to Alice in Wonderland screening worth RM12 each

5 x Second Prize
-Alice in Wonderland tee worth RM150
-Alice in Wonderland keychain worth RM50
-Four movie passes to Alice in Wonderland screening worth RM12 each

24 X Consolation Prize
-Four movie passes to Alice in Wonderland screening worth RM12 each

I do not get paid to do this entry.But since CLEO is such a wonderful mag, I can't not promote it.
As you know, I am crazy about O.P.I nail polishes.I bought a mini set of them worth RM85 two months back.My husband is not very happy that I would spend so much on just nail polish. How nice if I were to win the First prize.FREE MANICURE AND PEDICURE!7 O.P.I bottles to be won!

Faster join the contest!Buy the March issue and read as well.You won't regret it!Oh ya, fans of Rihanna must buy, coz Rihanna is the cover girl for that issue and there is an interview with her included.

FYI, I started reading CLEO when I was 16, and I still read now.I find their articles very practical like how to ace an interview, relationship tips, fashion and health tips.I really adore this mag and thumbs up to the CLEO team, if they happen to read my blog,that is.

White pearl cross

A white cross made of 3mm swarovski pearls.
Also painstakingly made.

Price:RM30 (free chain and gift box)

FREE Mini Birthday cards !!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post.For those customers that are buying my products as gifts for Birthday presents,they will receive a complimentary mini B'day gift card from me. I can help to write a msg in the card or leave it blank for you to write yourself. Minimum purchase must be at least RM25. Those 2 cards above are the samples of those mini gift cards I am giving. If you are buying my product as gifts for friends or loved ones, kindly inform me so you can enjoy this special offer:)

Pink Jewel Earrings

Pink Jewel earrings
RM 14

How I look like last year before I got married

Taken while on the way to my convocation at UM Aug 2009
During that time, I Just perm my hair not long ago.

I took this pic around July 2009.Trying to experiment with makeup for some performance
I was trying to do the smokey eyes effect. I used Cyber color's BB cream which I bought from sasa as base. As you can see, my hair is still straight that time.I only change my hairstyle in Aug.

My very first Louis vuitton monogram canvas bag
Bought around Nov 2009. Until now, I used it less than 10 times.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Light blue angel

This is a new color for the angel : Aquamarine blue angel

Price:RM20 (Free gift Box)

You can hang your angel in your car as a guardian angel to protect you:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rewards points system-How it works

For those who bought from me effective from February 20 2010, they will receive 1 reward point for every RM1 they spend. Feel free to view my sidebar at the right hand side of my blog entitled "Reward points system". If you recommend a friend to buy my products, you will earn extra 5 pts if they spend at least RM20, provided your friend inform me through mail or sms, otherwise points will be lost if your friend does not inform me within 3 days after making payment.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

COLORS OF THE WIND (Not a movie)

Very colorful rite?

Mamma mia! Look at the 6 different COLOURS!

HERE, I Proudly present you "COLORS OF THE WIND"
I am sure Princess Pocahontas will love it for it's many colors...hehe

Price:RM16, FREE Gift box

Can be custom made to fit your finger size; just measure your finger and
mail me for that perfect fit ( winks) at crystalsparadize@gmail.com

Another Customisation !

This is a special request by my second time customer Ai Leng

Previously she bought an angel from me, I remembered, it was 3 years ago, before I even have this blog

When she found my thread at Lowyat.net, she ordered the light purple angel necklace from me.

Later, she found my blog....

She joined my valentine contest.

Here it is, I Have no specific name for this customisation.

Angel of Love again.....ALLTIME BEST SELLER


White angel selling for only RM20.
Can be made into pendant or hp hanger.
You can even hang it on the rear mirror of your car as a guardian angel for safety.

Available in other colors too:Pink, purple, bermuda blue, aquamarine blue, green vitrail.

Rings for your liking

A Girl can have many rings to match her clothes, image and also mood.

Whether you feel colorful

Or plain

Or dreaming of being elegant and demure

Choose those rings based on your style

And of course your fave color!

PRICE:RM10 each.Free gift box to put your lovely thang!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OMG! I got something free!

So, I received 2 letters today via pos laju.I wondered what was in the letter.Guess what?It was sent by Public bank....Guess what?

2 credit cards sent to me without me applying.One master and one visa.At first I thought my husband gave me a supplementary card.I called him and he said no.Then I realised that I had applied loan for my new second hand car last year.I paid my loan on time every month and the bank must have thought I was rich!So they send me 2 credit cards.Now I am still contemplating whether to use it or throw it away.Credit card is good to use, but it's like a high class loan shark (Along).Don't ever own so many credit cards or you will be damn poor.Learn your lesson from "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie. The main character Rebecca became poor because of her spending habits and using credit card. Some more, the government is imposing a RM50 charge for each credit card you own per year.So, I better think twice man!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you

The title is a verse by Jesus in the bible.Do not repay evil with evil.But repay evil with good.Pray for your enemies.I realised that when I tried to get even with those who aren't nice to me, the plan always fail.I get more hurt and guilty in the end.The best way to react is to be patient, for God will deal with them in his way in his time.
So, do not be unkind to others, in words or deed.For God will take to account every deed whether good or bad, which you have done to others.
This is a true story.My mum said those who were nasty to her last time, she found out later the same thing or something unpleasant happened to them, in just the matter of time. The key, my mum said is to endure till the end and let God take action.