Thursday, March 18, 2010


Your guy's hero of choice can reveal a lot about this personality.Ask him to pick his all-time fav action guy from the list below and decode his answer!

If he worships SUPERMAN:This usually share the same traits.While you may not need to be saved from a burning building, he'd love if you'd ASK FOR HIS HELP in a mini-crisis like changing a flat tyre!He tends to spread himself thin doing favours for frens or helping others.

If he worships BATMAN:Bruce Wayne drives a cool car, dates supermodels, and is loaded!But Batman AVOIDS GETTING CLOSE to most people so may also have to work a little harder to get your guy to open up.

If he worships:SPIDER-MAN: If your man relates to the webby Hero, chances are HE'S EMOTIONALLY OPEN and always wants to do the right thing.The downside:Just like Spider-Man, he may get so caught up in being responsible, he hardly has time for himself.

If he worships:THE HULK.He is likely to get caught up in feelings and mayhave the occasional outburst.The bright side:You'll NEVER HAVE TO GUESS HOW HE FEELS.If you sense him getting worked up, give him some space until he calms down.

So, ladies, don't forget to ask your guy what is his fave superhero.I did and the answer was Spiderman. At first I thought Shaun would love batman coz he enjoyed the DARK KNIGHT very much.But he told me he don't like batman and superman because they wear their "underwear"

Article taken frm CLEO magazine Jan 2010.Support CLEO mag!


Andy Lim said...

lol....what happens if i worship ultraman?? haha

crystalsparadize said...

Haha!This I don't know.If u really wanna know, contact the author of the article of CLEO mag:)