Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby post!

Recently, I found out my good friend just gave birth to a baby girl.I saw the pictures, the baby very cute and looks like her mother.This friend of mine joined my valentine's special contest
before and they just got married last year.Their Prewedding photo won consolation prize.

The lovely couple: Max and Wendy

Will add the photo of the cute baby later if I get the permission from the parents:)

I wonder what is the name of the baby?Got English name or not?Haha...Nowadays parents give their children very beautiful names like Sara, Shaina, Tiara, Laveena.Last time, the parents give not nice names to their children like Phoon Ah Moi, Lim Lian Moi.For guys they have Wong Ah Kow, Tan Ah Seng.Haha...
FYI, Phoon Ah Moi is my greatgrandma's name.She passed away when I was 9. Wong Ah Kow is my grandfather's name, also passed away when I was very young due to heart attack.

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