Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Love Dare-Tips on How to have a good marriage!

I received a gift from my pastor and wife for my wedding.It is a booklet(pic above) entitled "The Love Dare".Everyday for 365 days there is a challenge writing there.So, on this particular day, it goes Love is Not Rude:Good manners express to your wife or husband, "I value you enough to exercise some self-control around you.I want to be a person who's a pleasure to be with;"
Last night I could not sleep and spent the 1 hour reading the whole booklet of "The love Dare". I gained many insight from that booklet.And there was a quote that is the covenant we made on our wedding day.It goes" In sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse." I felt teary while reading that.True love is where you stick to your spouse through thick and thin.Love is just not a feeling, its a choice.The booklet also says that one thing you can make a difference is to pray for your spouse everyday.It encourages us to pray together as one flesh, and let God become the centre of our marriage.From today onwards, I vowed to myself that I will make a point to pray with my husband everyday, even it's just a minute.
Visit this website here for more information on the love dare.

For those married couples or couples going to get married, I will be putting a quote from time to time from the Love dare if possible. Follow my blog to get good advice on how to have a great and blessed marriage.Since the divorce rate is so high nowadays, I am going to do my part in spreading the goodness of marriage.
There is this couple, shaun's good friend which is super loving.The way they hold hands while in the cafe and talk to each other while with us, So sweet, I can melt.They only met for a feel weeks when the guy said to this girl, We are of age(30 plus) if you like me, don't waste our time, let's get married, and they did. While I first known Shaun, this guy was single, about less than a year later, he found "the one" and tie the knot earlier than us. When his wife need to go checkup at the hospital for some minor reasons, this guy took leave just to accompany his wife.So loving indeed......They went honeymoon several times, even more than us.Go Macau, go Hanoi go here go there....So nice....

So far my marriage has been good.Praise God for that. I am also lucky because I have nice parents in law.My mum in law is an understanding woman.My dad in law is also a nice man.They had a hard life when they started courtship and eventually marriage.They were poor at first but through thick and thin, they stayed together and now had a rather comfortable life.This is one good thing that I want to emulate. The way she raise her 5 sons, all of them are very fillial and doing fine in life, have good jobs. Most of Shaun's bros are business minded.3 of his brothers has their business. To be honest, they sort of influence me to continue this hobby turned business of mine.No, they did not give me advice to do my online business, they just inspired me.
Dale Carnegie (Bestselling author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People)said "Find a job that you love and you don't have to work anymore." I am loving this job, seriously.I have a passion in beading and will continue to hone my skills.
I have been a beader for more than 10 years and have acquired many experience.I plan to start jewellery classes.A colleague once asked me whether I teach "Jewellery class".I said I will consider that.She bought several jewellery from me and asked me to help her repair her "trinklets".If there is any readers here who are interested to take classes with me, kindly email me and I can arrange a personal class or group class.The group class should not be too many people. My location is in KL and you will have to come to my house to learn.

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