Thursday, March 18, 2010

MY Birthday Contest Again

So, you are considering not to join the contest becoz you need to spend at least RM1 to buy my products rite.Fret not, for every friend you recommend to join my contest, I will deposit RM0.10 to your Bank Acc, must be Maybank of course, or else RM2 charges will apply.Let say you recommend 10 friends to join my contest, then u get free participation.For those who does not have Maybank acc, all you need to do is recommend more frens to join, 30 friends, then u can get free participation:) Or, if you have any frens or relatives who has Maybank acc, borrow they acc first and u ask ur money frm them, so easy rite.Let's say you recommend 100 Friends to join my contest, then you earn RM10!Its a gain rite?

Reasons WHY you should join my contest:
1.You get to win fabulous prizes
2.You get to earn money by recommending friends to join
3.Its free in a way if you put in the extra effort;)
4.All participants gets a free mystery gift:)

Will update bout the exact prizes you will win later.Sure will be wonderful prizes you will loveeeee for sure.

See my previous post on how to join my contest k.Have a nice day

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