Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poker face

Dear readers, after reading my title , I am sure what u are thinking about.Yup.Poker face by lady Gaga.The song is in my mind now.I know I am so like outdated bout the song.My bro was the one who recommend me the song.He asked me whether any place is selling the score for that.

So, what exactly is a poker face?A face you can't read whether someone has an ACE! Haha...I admit I hooked into playing poker during chinese New Year.It was fun gambling, but I won't gamble too big, just in the name of thrill and fun only. Feel like buying some new make up after reading my fren's blog.I saw cheesie's blog about the Dolly wink fake lashes, like so damn nice wor...So tempted to buy it but I am a noob in putting on fake eyelashes,Gotta ask my fren to teach me how to put,, coz vain mah.... I admit that I am vain can?

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