Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I look like 5 years ago

So, this is how I look like 5 years ago.I was kinda thin.Oh ya, I remember that time I was at a Japanese restaurant in Legend Hotel.The restaurant is called Jentu.Quite nice the food there, mind you. My cousin took the photo for me. This restaurant still exists!Go try their food if you love japanese food.But quite pricey , you have to pay for a nice enviroment and nice foodlah. I love oysters and mussels especially, but I don't like salmon.Just can't stand the taste of it...People say eat jap food dun eat salmon, is such a waste. The white skirt I wore, is a birthday gift from my 3 lovely cousins.Remember my wedding?They became my ji muis.One is studying law, the other 2 are working already. Tell you what, my ji muis very pretty wan oh.One is Miss St John freshie queen, one is ex-headprefect in school(also dating the ex-captain of SMK Victoria Institution ).This miss ex-prefect is also a beauty queen.She became Miss Personality in the Miss VEET contest 2 years back. One more ji mui, she is a art teacher in Ikano, her dressing style very hot wan you know.She got the height of a model and dress like a model and looks like a model.She is also finalist of Miss Veet contest but due to study, she quit.

Two of my cousins posing.Photo taken last year July 2009.Aren't they gorgeous?

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