Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Win RM20 Gift voucher to redeem any products of your choice at Crystalsparadize

Some of you may be coveting the lovely "starfish necklace charm" (pic above) or other pendants or earrings in my blog.You can get it free with the RM20 gift voucher.Some more, delivery is free to your doorstep except for overseas, which will be charged a minimal fee. For those who added me in Facebook, fret not even though you did not win, you still get 10% discount of any purchase, valid till end of January. If you have won the RM20 voucher but you are interested in a pricier item, just top up the remaining amount, if you pay RM20 or above, you are still entitled to get free mystery gift:)
TO WIN, JUST post your most creative NEW YEAR resolution (only one) in the facebook link dated 31 Dec 2009 which states the contest as a comment.Alternatively, you can also post your resolutions as a comment in this post.Pls provide your email.Entries that does not fulfill the requirements will be disqualified.Winners will be notified on 3rd January 12am(0000 hour).Till then, all the best readers!
P/S:My profile name is Crystals Paradize in Facebook and my email is add me ya readers. You only gain and have nothing to lose:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My wedding photos

Last year christmas 2008

On Nov 28 2009, My church wedding
Just married

Finally I am Karen Mok

This explains why I MIA for a few months:)
Will create some new designs soon and upload them later...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handcrafted Swarovski Princess Roselyn Mirror

Princess Roselyn Mirror
(Why such a high price because the smallest swarovski crystal cost RM0.30 and the biggest cost RM2.In total around 270 swarovski crystals being sticked one by one, takes great patience too)
Closer look, such gorgeous piece

A two way mirror, (Mind my camera there)

The cross behind the mirror

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Customers and reader!Good news...Freebies...

Me and my gifts from family, friends and juniors.TQ very much :)
(P/S: Quite heavy to hold these 5 gifts: 3 flowers, one bear and a baloon wif gas tat make it float in d air)

Convocation at University Malaya on 13 Aug 2009
L to R:My bro, Me, My Bf and Mum

Dear:Reader cum customers,

No , this blog is not closed down, neither does the business stops here.It's just that I haven been not hardworking enough to take pictures of my designs and post them online.

FYI, I have gotten my degree from University of Malaya and began my career.This jewellery business is still on, as a hobby, that's why the prices are rather affordable compare to outside.If you have any designs that you like, do send me an email and I can custom make for you.

The good news is, I am giving out a pair of worth RM6 butterfly hairclips for every purchase of goods of RM50 and above. Those hairclips are lovely, sweet and I myself personally would use them too, but I have to keep it aside for business use.Will show the pics later k....

Angel of love (hp hanger/pendant)are still available at only RM20, Those are my best seller,sold more than 50 angels to date.Buy 5 free 1 too! After starting working, feel bit lazy to update...haha, u will know once u are fulltime working.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Earrings post

Black Diamond

White Crystal

All earrings include postage:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dazzling Handphone/bag strap with name.

This design is custom made for my lovely customer.
No exact same design will be made again. However
you can request something similiar to this:)
Price:RM70 including Free Pos Express and Mystery Gift
Price could be cheaper if different materials are used:)
Be unique!The name of a person is the sweetest sound to a person's ear

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SPECIAL SUPER GOOD DEAL :Leather strap bracelet with Names

SUPER GOOD DEAL.BEST in Malaysia and Singapore!

Price:Original priceRM23 for only 1 bracelet (5 letters and below)
NOW RM20 and PLus BUY 1 FREE 1
Extra letter( RM2 for each letter)
(If buy one then RM15 each)
FREE POSTAGE SOMEMORE, where can you find such good deal?
color of strap:Gold,white, Brown, Light blue, violet, black,yellow, pink.
Remember Purchase of RM20 and above will receive a mystery gift:)

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey, I haven been updating my blog for quite some time.It is due to my hectic schedule for my final semester.But once I finish my studies around April, I will create more new designs:)I wanna thank those who supported my handmade products...

Here is a glimpse of my personal life:
1.I am a final year music student at a local university
2.I love dancing and singing although I am not very good at it
3.Beading is my passion
4.I love Japanese food
5.I use to read books, but now hardly have time to do so.But, I try to read newspapers
6.I can speak basic Korean and French
7.I love romantic movies such as Twilight, A walk to Remember.I also enjoy comedies like Bruce Almighty, Shaolin soccer.I also emjoy some action movies like Ip man, Once upon a time in China(Wong Fei Hong)
8.I am a christian and I serve as a pianist during worship at least once a month

Au Revoir,Annyong hi kye seyo!Will update my blog from time to time

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Important Announcement!

Crystalsparadize would like to thank all the readers for their support.However,we regret to inform that due to hectic study schedule, no new designs will be made for 2 months.New designs will be available in April.If there are any enquiries or custom made request you would like to make, send it to my email at .I will reply your email within 24 hours and fullfilled your request on April.I will still check my mail everyday but will not be able to make accesories, thats all.I will only sell those items which are still available.

Items which are still available are:
1. 1 angel(RM20 each with free box)
2.Charms only(not including bracelet)
3.Sweet sixteen bracelet now RM35(Before that RM40) Grab it before someone takes it!
4.Virginia's colors. RM17 each

Friday, February 13, 2009

Revealing the winners for my First contest, there will be more to come.

Congratulations to the 2 winners with the most creative slogan.For the others, don't be disappointed, There will be a next round of contests.The 2 winners will win a pair of pink valentine earrings and 10% discount off any purchase from crystalsparadize:)

Winner No.1

Her slogan:
Actually i am looking forward for tomorrow's activites, but now it is just a dream for me. I just quarrelled with my bf and all the activities might be cancelled. He bought what i want,but with a moody voice and action like i forced him to buy.I am so upset with him although we have been together for so long. Really wish there is a present for me to brighten my day for tomorrow.(Thanks for the contest,it's ok if i don't win but i feel relieve now to voice out everything.)^^

Winner No.2
Fashion Jungle
Her slogan:
For the perfect Valentine's look, never underestimate what wonders a pair of earrings can do. My perfect pair would definitely be the PINK VALENTINE from crystalsparadise.

Stay tuned to my blog.There will be more contests to come.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

win yourself a valentine gift Last call

There is one more day left for the contest.U just need to write a slogan why deserve the pink valentine earrings from crystalsparadize.So far, I have only receive 5 comments.I need 5 more entries in order for me to give away the freebies.Come on readers, let some creativity juices flowing:)For those who dropped the comments, Thanks for your support, pass this around ya.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Win yourself(for your gf) a valentine gift totally free!

it seems that the response is quite poor for this contest.We are really giving out 2 pairs of pink valentine earrings for free!yes, totally no obligations.U just need to write a slogan to say why you deserve the earrings from Crystalsparadize.So far, I only receive 2 comments.Therefore I think I need to set a target of at least 10 entries before I decide to give out the freebies.Pass this to your friends.What are u guys waiting for?This is not a fraud.The quality of the earrings are of same par with the products I am selling.So, don't hestitate and try your luck.For the 2 person who made the comments, thanks for your support.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Win yourself a pair of PINK VALENTINE earrings!

Hi, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!Since valentine's day is coming up, I am giving away 2 pairs of Pink valentine earrings to 2 lucky readers.You don't need to buy anything.You just need to tell me in not more than 30 words why you deserve to win these pair of earrings from crystalsparadize.However, the pink valentine earrings will not be clip ons.It will be made with a white-gold plated ear hook, perfect for sensitive ears.What you need to do is leave a comment below this post, include your name,age, email address and blog(if you have).Comments at my enquiry box will not be entertained.Winners will be contacted via email.The contest ends at 12 February 11.59pm .The winners will be posted on 13 February at my blog.The earrings will be sent to their doorstep for free!What are you guys waiting for?Come and drop the comments!:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!PROMOTION!

Hi, I realised I haven't introduced myself yet.My name is Karen(the girl in the pic above).I am a part time beader and full time student, studying music in a local university.Beading has been my passion since young.I started making simple designs such as seed beeds rings at the age of 11 years old and give to my friends.I am very fascinated with glittery stuff or those that blings* hehe...
Now, I am in my final year and going to graduate this August.I want to thank all my customers for their support towards my products and their compliments and they continue to encourage to try more designs :) I started making clip on earrings because I realised some of my friends don't have ear holes.I remember giving a handmade starfish earring to one of my coursemates.She is a wonderful vocalist and I think it suits her because she is gorgeous and is a typical diva.Starfish=Star=Singer. haha...My friend loves it very much.For those who purchased the starfish charm from me will know how lovely the starfish charm is.It is still available, while stock lasts :)
I would like to announce a promotion here:All items RM30 and above or combined shipping with my other products will be given free pos express(valid for new orders only)This promotion will last until 14 February.Free gifts awaits you for purchases of RM20 and above.Even though your purchase is as low as RM7 U can still can get free shipping via registered post:)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentine Specials!

Pink Valentine Valentine's Day is coming in less than a month's time!OMG...As girls,we do love to receive flowers , chocolates,and girlish gifts don't we?We could show our feminine side by wearing this earrings,drop a hint to the crush you have been eyeing for quite some time.Maybe, you just get him to buy you this?Only for RM12 per pair...Buy 2 pairs for RM20. Also available in white, purple, and bermuda blue.You can view my bestselling angel of love below or the next page to get a glimpse what the color is like.
What are you waiting for?Mail us now!Only limited pairs for sale...

Not forgetting, Many thanks to Shopping Critique for reviewing our "Pink Valentine"(Winks)!

(Dated 18 January)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Being Featured! Yay

Many Thanks to Ashopaholicsden and Spshop Biz for featuring our Trendy Charm Bracelets.( dated 12 January)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

White Valentine, Pink valentine

Price:RM12(SOLD 2 PAIRS)But restockable upon request
(Clip on earrings, even preteen can wear them without ear holes)
Price:RM14(sold but restockable upon request)

Those clip on earrings again!

Puteri Gunung Ledang themed earrings


Price:RM40(Free gift box)
SOLD(Restockable AND available in other colours upon request)
Th0se clip on earrings are absolutely awesome!They are suitable for wedding dinners, even the bride herself can wear it with her night gown.U can also match it with cheongsam, kebaya etc...The size of each of the flower petals are 10mm in size.The best thing is, you don't need a ear hole to wear this dazzling earrings!

Motifs for charm bracelets(14 Types of charms to choose from)

CODE:CBM001(pony and apple motifs) RM3 each
CODE:CBM002 (Mickey mouse with rhinestone) RM3 each

CODE:CBM003 Price for each motifs are RM3 each(all single sided) except for the blue handbag which costs RM4 EACH because it's double sided.

CODE:CBM004 The bags are RM3 each(single sided) and the purple and red boots are RM6 each cause they are double sided)

Good news here, you can choose your charms motifs for the charm bracelet.Advisable 5 charms for each bracelet, while stock lasts.U can add in 6 charms or more if you wish to.First come first serve.Price range of Charm bracelet approximately RM25 to RM30, depending on which charms you choose.The chain and heart shaped toggle clasp will costs RM10.Pic of chain and toggle clasp pls refer to the pics of previous post on "Trendy charm bracelets."(There will be a Free gift box for you but Postage are not included)
Registered Post RM2.50
Pos Express RM4
Pos Laju RM6


Price:RM25 with free gift box(not including postage)
Add RM2.50 for registered post
RM4 for Pos Express
RM6 for Pos Laju

Price:RM25 with Free gift box(not including postage)
(Postage fee refer to above)
P/S:Good news, if you buy Any one of these charm bracelets with other items in our blog.You will get Free shipping(registered post)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Many thanks to AShopaholic'sDen for reviewing our Dinner Glam
Click here :