Sunday, August 29, 2010



Have you ever think that life is meaningless?I did thought of that.I am thinking whether I should be doing some voluntering work then maybe I will be happier.If you are able to help others, you will be happy.I wish I could go for a holiday right now.....But my hubby is so busy I also dunno when he can take a day off.Like last fri, he was supposed to have a holiday but he has to work. I am tired of working and sometimes I am thinking that we are supposed to work till the rest of our life. In Ecclesiates King Solomon mentioned that life is meaningless.I agree with him, without God, life is meaningless.Life is like chasing after a wind.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Beautiful

Currently I am watching a Korean drama series which I rented for RM3 each DVD.Total there are 3 DVDS.

The title of the drama is U're Beautiful. The story is about an apprentice nun who is forced to become her twin brother Go Mi Nam, a pop singer while he is sick.Hence she has to cut her hair, dress up like a man and even force herself to enter Man's toilet. Go Mi Nyu joined the korean pop group named ANJELL.2 out of 3 of the pop band knows her identity and were secretly admiring her.Hence love triangle. This drama is rather interesting, and funny.Haven finished watching yet so can't comment much.

I also rented another Korean drama, this series has just finished showing on 8TV, entitled My Fair Lady.I do watch 8TV but still want to rent the drama, because I miss some episodes.This drama also very nice.The leading lady never wore the same costume in every different setting of the scenes.Love her costumes! However towards the ending, I find it a bit boring though in the beginning it is exciting and very interesting. Did I tell u I almost bought the original DVD of this drama from SPEEDY video?Luckily I did not, coz renting the drama is so much cheaper, only RM9 for all the episodes, compared to paying RM79.90 For a new original set.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to learn to love your mate in the right way

So, I am currently listening to the audio CD version of" The Five Love Languages (How to express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate) " by Gary Chapman.
I listen to the cd whenever I drive to work.I have finished hearing chapter 5 and there are around 14 chapters in total.It was a good CD.In fact, it is firstly published as a book, but later they made into an audio CD.
There are basically 5 love languages:Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of service and Physical touch.
Learned some tips from the CD.Hence I recommend married couples or those who are getting married to read it or hear it if they want to know how to love their spouse in a better way.