Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Beautiful

Currently I am watching a Korean drama series which I rented for RM3 each DVD.Total there are 3 DVDS.

The title of the drama is U're Beautiful. The story is about an apprentice nun who is forced to become her twin brother Go Mi Nam, a pop singer while he is sick.Hence she has to cut her hair, dress up like a man and even force herself to enter Man's toilet. Go Mi Nyu joined the korean pop group named ANJELL.2 out of 3 of the pop band knows her identity and were secretly admiring her.Hence love triangle. This drama is rather interesting, and funny.Haven finished watching yet so can't comment much.

I also rented another Korean drama, this series has just finished showing on 8TV, entitled My Fair Lady.I do watch 8TV but still want to rent the drama, because I miss some episodes.This drama also very nice.The leading lady never wore the same costume in every different setting of the scenes.Love her costumes! However towards the ending, I find it a bit boring though in the beginning it is exciting and very interesting. Did I tell u I almost bought the original DVD of this drama from SPEEDY video?Luckily I did not, coz renting the drama is so much cheaper, only RM9 for all the episodes, compared to paying RM79.90 For a new original set.

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