Friday, April 30, 2010

New designs

I made so many designs this week.Really break the record.All are really nice designs.Will take photos of them and post it up soon.I am sure you guys will love it! I will name my designs after some celebrities and famous tv or movie characters like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Huan Zhu Ge Ge(Translated as Princess Huan Zhu frm My Fair Princess).
My brother is into Direct selling now under the tutelage of Sumana, My mum's best friend.The products are very good, named Unicity.For those who need to slim down, they have products for that.Rest assured it is safe for consumption.Now I switched my Omega 3 intake frm Cosway to Unicity due to some issues which I do not want to explain, because I dun wanna get sued. I also drink Clorophil drink which is made from alfafa grass, love the taste! Unicity also sells skincare products. Those interested in this product can let me know.I want to share how this products are because I am consuming it everyday and I feel more healthy and positive! I used to have some sort of PMS thingy, getting irritated and moody during a certain period of the month, this month, I do not feel it anymore.Eating good nutrition and good supplements can improve your well being and mood and job performance.
I started consuming Unicity products frm April onwards .
Most of you eat outside food often rite?Especially those working in office.Hence, because the food they take is not healthy, they should take supplements to balance the nutrition in their body.The food you take will make or break your health. You are what you eat. I guarantee Unicity products will not disappoint you, because I personally have tried it and I consume Omega 3, clorophil and Spirulina every day. Give it a try! Although taking supplements need to spend some money, but think about it, you want to spend some money and be healthy and happy, why not?Some rich people spend money on luxurious food very often and they are not healthy, they get diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cancer, etc.If you take good care of your health and feel happy, that is much better than to have lots of money, but cannot enjoy it coz you are sick.Think about it.If a billionaire has stroke, diabetes and is wheelchair bound, how can he enjoy life?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Rose Choker

Black Rose Choker

Look at the details, so lovely!

Looks even lovelier on your neck!
Black Rose choker Yours for RM40(FREE GIFT BOX)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moving out clothes Clearance

I am helping my good friend to sell some clothes.All her clothes are in superb condition.Zara jeans included.First come first serve. visit here!

Anybody else need me to help sell their products whether new or preloved, do drop me a mail k.I also write ads, mind you.


Mother's day is coming very soon.And I am giving away a FREE Snow white bracelet worth RM56 to one lucky winner with free delivery to Doorstep.The contest question is What am I making for my mother using Swarovski Crystallised Elements for Mother's Day?Guess it correctly and complete a slogan starting with: I love my mother because__________________________.The slogan Should not exceed 50 words not including the given words.(More than 50 words will be disqualified).There is a hint in my twitter, check it out! If there is less than 40 entries, this contest will be disqualified as well.For the previous contest, there is only one contestant, so I have to cancel it with a heavy heart although I am generous and love giving freebies to my readers now and then.

Good news for all contestants, they are eligible to get 10% discount off any purchase in the month of May only.This contest ends on 8 May 2010 2400 hours, so just submit your entry by 8 May 11.59pm.Just hentam onlylah, if you don't get the coveted snow white bracelet, at least u get 10% discount for all one time purchases in the month of May.Send your entries now to my email at Remember, you have nothing to lose and only gain.Once you join the contest, you are eligible to get 10% discount on all purchases frm today onwards until end of May.
FYI, the bracelet can be worn frm age 18 onwards till around 60 plus, as long you don't have too much wrinkles.There is a 60 year old aunty who bought the bracelet from me:)

Princess Wen Cheng Necklace

Princess Wen Cheng has to travel to tibet for 3 years to marry the king of tibet, leaving behing her beloved country.It takes a lot of courage to do so.

Her legacy lives until now

Hence this necklace is named after her:)
Princess Wen Cheng Necklace yours for only RM40 (Free Big Gift Box)

Sold out Non Restockable!

Giant Angel of love

A Very lovely angel

Such a precious Jewel

Back of the angel, hang it in your car or wear it as a pendant or display it in your house.

Giant angel, double the size of the normal angel of love I posted earlier.
RM40(Free Gift Box)

Monday, April 26, 2010

All about princess and prince charming

(Anne Hathaway as Princess Amelia from The Princess Diaries)

When I was young, I wanted to become a princess.I love to dress up and imitate princess looks.I like chinese princess, the costume, like the one frm My Fair Princess, which was a hit when I am in my secondary school time.When I was in uni, I attended a musical entitled Jewel of tibet(Princess Wen Cheng)her costume was like super nice k.So so so....I don't know how to describe it.....Then there was the princess diaries, a movie which is my favourite movie.Maybe I should start saving money to go Japan disneyland, cheesie mentioned in her blog bout the disney princesses there, about Ariel's bf, funny you should go read the comments.
Yesterday I slept at 5am.You know what, beading is an addictive hobby, you can't stop creating new stuff to quench your passion for it.I am a passionate beader.I created a very sweet ensemble, I am still thinking whether to name the set Princess wen cheng or My fair princess.Haha....

Paulway Chew as Princess Wen Cheng in Jewel of Tibet Musical

Ruby Lin and Zhao wei in My Fair Princess

Hope you enjoy this post about Princess, enough of dreaming, karen!You are not born of royal blood.

Snow White Beauties

Snow White Choker

Close view of the gorgeous choker

Back view of the choker.Super bling Clasp for the diva effect!

Snow white bracelet
A very Matching snow white bracelet for the snow white choker

A combination of snow white choker and bracelet: A sophiscated woman full of charm and elegance.Makes you look like Audrey Hepburn with the little black dress.Can match all colours and perfect gift for mother's day:)

Price:Choker only RM150(Free big gift box and pos express)
Bracelet only RM56 (free gift box and pos express)
Earrings only RM8
A whole Snow white set:RM200 (Original price RM 214, you save RM14)

Black Beauty Necklace

Black has never been so elegant as this

Check out the sexy back of the choker(Free size adjustable at the back)

Price:RM68 (Free pos express and Free big gift box)
Love the simple earrings?Just add RM5 to it.Wear it as a complete dinner set.
You can also add the bracelet of same design(normal price RM40)
If you take the whole set, Choker with earrings and bracelet, total will be only RM100.Original price RM113(you save RM13)


Sunday, April 25, 2010

hang on.......

Dear readers cum potential customers, sorry bout the pictures which I Promised to upload but haven came out.I promised today that all the gorgeous sets I am talking about will be uploaded!Thanks for your patience and your continuous support to read this blog.God has been blessing me this month.This is my birthday month and I received a lot of wishes, even from ppl that I really unexpected to get wished frm.thankyou very much for all your wishes.Business was really good this month, in just 2 weeks, I sold more than RM600 worth of products! What was the secret for my good business here especially this month?You wanna know?Ok I tell you here, I gave my tithe faithfully every month, that means 10% of my total income and during this month and last month I gave extra $$$ for mission fund.I don't want to reveal the exact amount coz it's P&C and Between me and God.So, God was so gracious, he blessed me with overflowing business this month until I hardly have time to complete the designs. So, you christians reading this blog, what must you do?Give your tithe faithfully and serve God whenever you can.But don't expect to get rich, God might not bless you with riches, but he will bless you with good health, success in studies and good relationship with loved ones.God bless you all for reading this post.Muacks!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The hype about Lin Yu Chun and about project Alpha

So, there is this new talent coming up,a Susan Boyle's 24 year old boy, named Lin Yu chun.No doubt he is good and can hit really high notes.Just saw his video for the first time.

Check out his video at

On other side, I went and watched Project Alpha season 1.Funny video! I like Fourfeetnine's episodes.She is so cute.I wonder how old she is, and she has such a wonderful husband, Timothy Tiah who is the boss of nuffnang.I really wish my husband could be as romantic as he is.He could close an entire shoe shop and let her do shoe shopping herself.And I saw after she was exhausted in gym with Jojo struys, timothy carried her with his hands.I bet Shaun will never do that in public unless maybe I am dying or seriously injured(cross fingers).

In project Alpha season 1,Kenny Sia, Malaysia's Top superblogger gave some blogging tips.
Tip No.1: Show Cleavage(I am so thin I can't show any cleavage, seriously)
Tip No.2:Take photo with celebrities(I haven got a chance to take photo with celebrity)
Tip N0.3: Take photos with a signature expression.(I don't do that)
Tip N0.4:Use lots of swear words( I am a christian and I don't think any of my frens heard me saying any swear words)Fourfeetnine has a signature swear word(WT*)

No wonder I can't become a famous blogger

Busy with orders

I have been pretty busy lately.Working until the wee hours in the morning.Recently, a church member ordered a very glamorous set from me.A choker, bracelet and a pair of earrings, for RM200.That was a lot of work, because the design needs time and patience to complete.I have to complete it in 2 weeks time, to make it in time for our dear pastor's son wedding. Besides beading, I also have my own job. I teach beading part time too.So usually my free time to do beading is usually at night after dinner around 10pm onwards. For the time I spent on making those designs, the prices I charge at my blog is actually very affordable. For my church member's case, if outside shop would sell it to her, the choker itself would cost RM300 over edi. If she orders the whole set, maybe she have to pay more than RM400.I will show you the pic of the set she order after completion.It is super shiny and anyone who sees it will definitely compliment these pieces as it catches the eye instantly and make everyone notice.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

why I have been MIA for the past few days

The modem in my house was spoilt.That explains why I did not update my blog for several days.I have also been busy beading for new designs.The designs will be out soon.I got several orders from my customers too.Business was rather good this month.This means I also spent a lot on my beading supplies this few months.Really a lot! To do business u must really invest in lots of supplies so u can create more designs.
I have made a giant angel yesterday.Really really beautiful!Really shiny and bling! Selling it for RM40 with free box!Its double the height of the normal angel I made.If you have not known.Angel of love is my star item in this blog.Sold around 70 angels since the creation of the blog 2 years ago.Some customers bought 10 angels from me.Even guys buy for themselves, but usually they choose bermuda blue. Remember the promotion?Buy 5 free one!Still on.
BTW, I also do bridal designs and for special dinners.If anyone of you are getting married and need jewellery to wear, even when you go for registration, feel free to mail me and we can discuss the price.Give me your budget and I'll be happy to custom make for you:) The best thing is that after you got married,you can keep the jewellry for remembrance and show to your children or grandchildren, this is what I wore for my wedding.If you rent from bridal shop, you only wear it once, thats it.My designs are very affordable for sure.So mail me k.I welcome enquiries all the time and will answer them at least within 24 hours. I made some glamorous jewellery fit for special dinner and wedding too.Just hang on and I will post them soon k;)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dengue Fever Again....

So many ppl getting dengue fever nowadays.My grandma has fever and was suspected having dengue.My husband was admitted to hospital yesterday becoz of dengue.Few years back, I got dengue too....Beware!!!!!! If you have fever for a few days, treat it like dengue, better early than late...Hapuskan Nyamuk Aedes...!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So tmr morning 9.30am till 12pm there will be a flea market.Do visit us k.Several stalls selling stuff.we are also having garage sale.selling preloved items in good condition and very affordable price.I will be selling my handmade products.Many new products which are not in my blog coz I have no time to take the photos yet:)

See u there!

Jalan Gajus off Jalan Loke Yew, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, near Hung kee restaurant and tsun jin high school and there is a bridge.Happy easter everyone.May God bless you guys!