Wednesday, April 14, 2010

why I have been MIA for the past few days

The modem in my house was spoilt.That explains why I did not update my blog for several days.I have also been busy beading for new designs.The designs will be out soon.I got several orders from my customers too.Business was rather good this month.This means I also spent a lot on my beading supplies this few months.Really a lot! To do business u must really invest in lots of supplies so u can create more designs.
I have made a giant angel yesterday.Really really beautiful!Really shiny and bling! Selling it for RM40 with free box!Its double the height of the normal angel I made.If you have not known.Angel of love is my star item in this blog.Sold around 70 angels since the creation of the blog 2 years ago.Some customers bought 10 angels from me.Even guys buy for themselves, but usually they choose bermuda blue. Remember the promotion?Buy 5 free one!Still on.
BTW, I also do bridal designs and for special dinners.If anyone of you are getting married and need jewellery to wear, even when you go for registration, feel free to mail me and we can discuss the price.Give me your budget and I'll be happy to custom make for you:) The best thing is that after you got married,you can keep the jewellry for remembrance and show to your children or grandchildren, this is what I wore for my wedding.If you rent from bridal shop, you only wear it once, thats it.My designs are very affordable for sure.So mail me k.I welcome enquiries all the time and will answer them at least within 24 hours. I made some glamorous jewellery fit for special dinner and wedding too.Just hang on and I will post them soon k;)


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