Monday, April 19, 2010

The hype about Lin Yu Chun and about project Alpha

So, there is this new talent coming up,a Susan Boyle's 24 year old boy, named Lin Yu chun.No doubt he is good and can hit really high notes.Just saw his video for the first time.

Check out his video at

On other side, I went and watched Project Alpha season 1.Funny video! I like Fourfeetnine's episodes.She is so cute.I wonder how old she is, and she has such a wonderful husband, Timothy Tiah who is the boss of nuffnang.I really wish my husband could be as romantic as he is.He could close an entire shoe shop and let her do shoe shopping herself.And I saw after she was exhausted in gym with Jojo struys, timothy carried her with his hands.I bet Shaun will never do that in public unless maybe I am dying or seriously injured(cross fingers).

In project Alpha season 1,Kenny Sia, Malaysia's Top superblogger gave some blogging tips.
Tip No.1: Show Cleavage(I am so thin I can't show any cleavage, seriously)
Tip No.2:Take photo with celebrities(I haven got a chance to take photo with celebrity)
Tip N0.3: Take photos with a signature expression.(I don't do that)
Tip N0.4:Use lots of swear words( I am a christian and I don't think any of my frens heard me saying any swear words)Fourfeetnine has a signature swear word(WT*)

No wonder I can't become a famous blogger


prinz @ prinsezz said...

Fourfeetnine is not married to Timothy la. They are just a couple, not yet married

crystalsparadize said...

ok.I realised that too.