Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy with orders

I have been pretty busy lately.Working until the wee hours in the morning.Recently, a church member ordered a very glamorous set from me.A choker, bracelet and a pair of earrings, for RM200.That was a lot of work, because the design needs time and patience to complete.I have to complete it in 2 weeks time, to make it in time for our dear pastor's son wedding. Besides beading, I also have my own job. I teach beading part time too.So usually my free time to do beading is usually at night after dinner around 10pm onwards. For the time I spent on making those designs, the prices I charge at my blog is actually very affordable. For my church member's case, if outside shop would sell it to her, the choker itself would cost RM300 over edi. If she orders the whole set, maybe she have to pay more than RM400.I will show you the pic of the set she order after completion.It is super shiny and anyone who sees it will definitely compliment these pieces as it catches the eye instantly and make everyone notice.


Sherry said...

maybe you can show it :D love to see it :D

Sherry said...

beading class so nice :D hehe.. where is your place?

yeah timing important also.

crystalsparadize said...

Yup, sherry sure will show the pic once I am done with the set:)