Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mother's day is coming very soon.And I am giving away a FREE Snow white bracelet worth RM56 to one lucky winner with free delivery to Doorstep.The contest question is What am I making for my mother using Swarovski Crystallised Elements for Mother's Day?Guess it correctly and complete a slogan starting with: I love my mother because__________________________.The slogan Should not exceed 50 words not including the given words.(More than 50 words will be disqualified).There is a hint in my twitter, check it out! If there is less than 40 entries, this contest will be disqualified as well.For the previous contest, there is only one contestant, so I have to cancel it with a heavy heart although I am generous and love giving freebies to my readers now and then.

Good news for all contestants, they are eligible to get 10% discount off any purchase in the month of May only.This contest ends on 8 May 2010 2400 hours, so just submit your entry by 8 May 11.59pm.Just hentam onlylah, if you don't get the coveted snow white bracelet, at least u get 10% discount for all one time purchases in the month of May.Send your entries now to my email at crystalsparadize@gmail.com Remember, you have nothing to lose and only gain.Once you join the contest, you are eligible to get 10% discount on all purchases frm today onwards until end of May.
FYI, the bracelet can be worn frm age 18 onwards till around 60 plus, as long you don't have too much wrinkles.There is a 60 year old aunty who bought the bracelet from me:)


Sherry said...

so lovely, I help spread the contest blogged http://thingsidohere.blogspot.com/2010/04/mothers-day-contest.html

crystalsparadize said...

Thanks sherry, no nice of you:)

Anonymous said...

have send d entry to ur mail babe :)