Monday, April 26, 2010

All about princess and prince charming

(Anne Hathaway as Princess Amelia from The Princess Diaries)

When I was young, I wanted to become a princess.I love to dress up and imitate princess looks.I like chinese princess, the costume, like the one frm My Fair Princess, which was a hit when I am in my secondary school time.When I was in uni, I attended a musical entitled Jewel of tibet(Princess Wen Cheng)her costume was like super nice k.So so so....I don't know how to describe it.....Then there was the princess diaries, a movie which is my favourite movie.Maybe I should start saving money to go Japan disneyland, cheesie mentioned in her blog bout the disney princesses there, about Ariel's bf, funny you should go read the comments.
Yesterday I slept at 5am.You know what, beading is an addictive hobby, you can't stop creating new stuff to quench your passion for it.I am a passionate beader.I created a very sweet ensemble, I am still thinking whether to name the set Princess wen cheng or My fair princess.Haha....

Paulway Chew as Princess Wen Cheng in Jewel of Tibet Musical

Ruby Lin and Zhao wei in My Fair Princess

Hope you enjoy this post about Princess, enough of dreaming, karen!You are not born of royal blood.

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