Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad as a Hatter

I just bought this nail polish yesterday and loving it!
I don't know why,but I am certainly a sucker for branded products.OPI nail polish retails at RM59 per bottle.First I bought a coach bag, and now OPI nail polish.So currently I am rather obssesed with branded nail polish.OPI has so many amazing colors and I am really spoilt for choice.I just feel like buying more of it.haha.So, I am going to bring my nail polish collection to church and give free manicure and pedicure session to church members.I wanna share my joy with them especially during this coming chinese new year.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Pic( Regis and Dandy)

So I asked Regis, the to be bridegroom is there is any song he request for prelude for his wedding.He requested Ave Maria and the bridal march.He also said he will be singing "TRULY" by Lionel Richie and his wife will sing "I SWEAR" by All for one. Hence yesterday I began searching youtube for the music videos to hear what it really sound like.And when I hear " truly", I was like wow, what a beautiful song.That would literally blow me away if my husband sings this for me.Anyway Regis is a good singer, his mum sings well too, especially those chinese soap opera.He married a Shanghai lady, Dandly Liu. I will be practicing this whole feb for the wedding songs and preludes.Songs I will be playing will most probably include fly me to the moon, Forever love by Wang Lee Hom, Forever Love by Jacky Cheung, Jin tian ni yao jia gei wo by David Tao and Jolin Tsai and Moon River.Anymore nice wedding songs to play?Maybe u can leave a comment below.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is Fragile

Life is indeed fragile.I just received an sms yesterday that my ex-coursemate frm University Malaya has been admitted to ICU, UM medical centre.Later in the evening I receive another sms saying she has passed away due to brain infection.She was studying masters in UM.
I am not very close to Yun Yu but as far I as I remember she was a quiet girl, hardworking and rather low profile.She passed away so young, and I feel sad for her parents. So life is short, treasure it and live happily.Now I am waiting for the details of her funeral service if there is any in KL frm another coursemate Melisa. Yun yu is frm Penang and most probably the funeral service will be held in her hometown, which I won't be able to attend. Rest in Peace dear Yun Yu and you are remembered.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I just attended a relative's wedding recently at my husband's hometown.They have wedding dinner and lunch.Now I have 2 sister in laws. And I am going back to hometown again during chinese new year.Hope that I will have a nice reunion with my family in Gemas.I was thinking whether to buy a real violin for my nephew to play.Anyway, he is only 3 years old.3 years old need a 1/10 size violin and the price of the violin is the same regardless of the price.This nephew of mine is musically inclined.When his uncle went up stage to sing karaoke during wedding lunch, he would tag along with a mic in his hand and sing a bit.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I want that!

Fuschia wristlet from the COACH Julia Collection selling at RM255.
I am so tempted to buy it, maybe I should save up next month and buy it:)
Should I or should I not buy it?Please Leave a comment to help me decide.

Princess Charming choker

Princess Charming Choker at ONLY RM100.FREE Big gift box
I once saw this rather similiar design several years ago selling at Mid valley for RM256!Hence my price is actually very affordable comparing with other retail shops.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My baby has arrived!

Tada!my new baby is my lovely gold signature stripe coach bag in gold color,which is not available in Malaysia.

I bought it from the above website stated on the blue bag, which comes together with the bag.

Also comes with 2 packs of cute angpau packets

So kawaii rite?Me likey:) Gonna give them as angpau during cny later.

FYI, the above website is having coach products sales now and up to 50% off retail price.My bag's original price is around RM1450.But I only got it at RM620, guaranteed original!I am not paid by this website to promote this website, but I have linked them for quite some time at the sidebar, Do check it out ya:)Tmr is the last day of the coach sale, dun miss it!Visit the website for more info.Oh ya, after I bought the bag, I was feeling tempted to buy another pink sequin wrislet at around RM200 plus, forgot the exact price but I guess I have splurged enough for this month and have to have self control in my spending...Maybe next month I will buy another one if I have sufficient moolah of course.Tmr I have some new posts coming up, stay tuned!

Truly Yours My love

Made with 7 heart shapes which means I love you every day of the week:)

Perfect gift for valentines day and very affordable at only RM25, free gift box.

Multicolor flower brooch cum hairclip

Big sized gorgeous hairclip with six colors at RM45 . If 5 flower petals for RM40

It can be either a hairclip or brooch, so versatile!

Dorothy ring

This ring is simple and nice yet so affordable at only RM2!
SOLD! FYI, There is a customer who order 21 of this rings because its so very affordable!
Restockable upon request:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pink Flower ring

Pink Flower Ring RM20
can be custom made to fit your size